Space Quest V: Hunt or be hunted

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1993’s Space Quest V: The Next Mutation. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

To save his ship and unwelcoming crew, Roger Wilco beams down to the surface of Kiz Urazgubi and subjects himself to be hunted by yet another terminator robot. I won’t lie, this kind of feels like the game designers are going back to the well a little too soon.

Whoops, I took a little too long taking the above screenshot and writing up the start of this post that the robot managed to find and blast me into smithereens. I also learned that her name was W-D40, because this is the type of subtlety that the Space Quest games are known for.

Considering that the terminator has cloaking, a shoulder-mounted energy cannon, and a jet pack, it doesn’t seem quite fair that all Roger has is a stick. But he’s been in worse scrapes before, and after a bit of a chase, he leverages a boulder to crash down on Ms. W-D40. That knocks out her cloaking, but it takes a banana up the jetpack to blow her up well and good.

Happy victory music plays for a good long while after this. I’m all for that; being chased by a robot when you’re a chump is very stressful!

Roger’s now allowed back on the Eureka, as Cliffy takes all of the android parts and starts rebuilding her. I don’t want to know what for, considering that Cliffy seems like a lonely individual, but I wish the two of them well. Roger tosses him the head and a very bad dad joke, endearing him to me even more.

The two of them beam back to the planet and use the android’s device to reveal her cloaked ship. Probably not a good idea to go up into it, but up into it Roger goes.

Sitting in the pilot’s seat gets him electrocuted, but it’s worth it to hear that jaunty, game show-like music that you get with every death.

Speaking of imminent death, Roger yanks out the cloaking device from the android’s ship and triggers the self-destruct. He and Cliffy only barely make it back to the Eureka, where Cliffy works on making the android a non-lethal member of the crew and installing the cloak for the ship. I guess we came out of this a net positive, so it was probably worth being chased down and nearly killed a few times.

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