SWTOR: No one betrays me and lives

Heading back to Star Wars: The Old Republic has turned out to be a really good idea, at least for me in the here-and-now. Enough time’s gone by that all of this feels fresh(er), and I’m going through that delightful stage of being reminded of all the things I ever liked about this MMO.

Initially, I thought to start a brand-new character — as is my wont — and go through the entire game journey. But after playing a Bounty Hunter for 20 levels, I found myself drifting back to the Sniper I made back in 2018. She was only in her mid-20s, but I knew I liked the combat style, the story, and the armor that I had picked out, so it was an easy jump back into that role. I think I was playing her somewhat Dark Side, so that was a change-up from my old Operative.

I think it’s a shame how little of the class stories I’ve seen in SWTOR. When the game first launched, I had grand plans to level up all eight and get the Full(tm) Experience. But then I went with the Agent right out of the gate, found a class and story that I liked immensely, and everything else I’ve tried has paled in comparison. And as much as I would have liked to go through those stories, I’m not going to force myself to play classes that do nothing for me.

But one class is fine right now, even if it’s more or less an old favorite, and I am having a really great time. Lots of screenshots, leveling up crew skills, and doing the class and planetary mission chains. Nothing radical, but since I’m getting to straight right on Alderaan, it’s kind of a relief to know I’ll get a second companion soon and can enjoy this gorgeous planet instead of Hutta and Balmorra. I’ve always really liked the fresh snowmelt look of Alderaan, kind of a ski resort-in-early-spring feel. You know, with giant bugs.

And there’s really no huge rush to level either, so the pressure is off in that regard. There’s plenty ahead to do — the core game, five expansions, and assorted planets — but BioWare only has one quest update coming for the rest of this year, so the goal post isn’t getting moved that quickly.

I probably should get a stronghold one of these days, but right now, the focus is on building up some measure of wealth and getting a good combat rotation down for the days ahead.

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