WoW Classic: Dead and loving it

Weirdly enough, this past week I found myself drifting right back into the open arms of WoW Classic. It’s just that playing regular World of Warcraft feels so pointless right now as we wait for the pre-patch, and this actually seemed inviting. Plus, I didn’t have any Classic characters on my new account and thought that it might be nice to have at least one sitting around.

So I made yet another Undead Warlock. I can’t really imagine playing many other classes in Classic than a lock. It’s got everything I want — survivability, pets, self-healing, self-resurrection, utility, and the ability to easily juggle mobs in combat.

Of course, starting out is kind of rough for the first 10 levels until you get your voidwalker and your full roster of three DoTs. I spent those slow, plodding levels soaking in the sounds and sights of Classic’s landscape.

There’s something deeply charming and nostalgic about Tirisfal Glades , even though I wasn’t a Horde-aligned player back in vanilla. I just made a ton of Forsaken characters because I loved the Halloween vibe of it all. Nothing here is warm or inviting; it’s a land perpetually soaked in decay and shadows, and that makes it thrilling and fun to explore.

I’m not in a rush to go over to the other continent, in other words.

I actually fell into a bit of happy fortune on my third day of play. I was heading over to Orgrimmar to train up staves — it’s so weird that Warlocks don’t start with the staff skill — and I bumped into a nice Mage who buffed me up. I asked her about her guild, and before I knew it, I had fallen into the presence of a really warm and bubbly company.

They got me outfitted with enough bags that inventory won’t be a problem, but I am more happy to have some folks to jaw about Classic with and share the details of my travels. Social chat seems more necessary than ever in this game because of its slow pacing.

But you know what? The pacing is a refreshing change of pace. It’s not rush-here, rush-there, do-a-million-dailies. It’s just… you know… set a goal. Work on a single quest. Farm some mobs for a while. Level up a tradeskill or two. Take some disturbing closeup pictures of the local mobs.

I’ve been in Tirisfal Glades for a week now and I have no immediate intention of leaving. There’s more to be done, and I’m trying to get my mining skill up to 75 before I go to help fuel my need for engineering materials.

So yeah. Right here, right now, this really hits the spot. I’m still juggling this game with LOTRO and SWTOR, but it’s easily the most laid-back experience I have any given night. I put on some music or a TV show and jog around the place like the spectre of death that I am.

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