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New World, I’ll wait for you!

If I wanted to chart out the bouncy rollercoaster of opinion that I’ve had on Amazon’s New World since its first announcement, it would show you that my feelings toward it have been all over the place.

Initially, I was stoked to see Amazon enter the MMORPG market and bring big guns and big budget to bear on a project. I also really liked the idea of an MMO set in a fictionalized version of the Age of Discovery, giving us a blend of muskets, magic, and maces. But then I soured on the whole thing when I saw how hardcore they were pushing PvP and how ludicrously soon the studio expected to push the product out the door.

But then they delayed and decided that PvP-only wasn’t the way to go, so a complete game revamp started to happen. Syp’s mood and opinion of the project increases. Some of the dev blogs look promising (hype up) and some look painfully generic (hype down). Then Amazon does a huge delay until 2021 (major mood sinker), which is not usually a good sign for an MMORPG.

Except that in this case, it looks like it is a good sign. From reports coming in, including the no-NDA-attached test this past week, New World is actually shaping up to be a good MMO. It just needs more time to develop features and flesh out content, which is understandable considering how greatly the game’s changed in the past year.

So now in my internal rankings of MMO projects in development, New World has bubbled up near to the top. It seems like it has a lot of necessary pieces in place for a solid launch, and with another six or so months of development, this could get off on the right foot.

So yeah, New World, I’ll be waiting for you in 2021. I would love nothing more to see a big budget MMORPG launch to good reviews and an enthusiastic community, because I think a lot of us are very hungry to see just that happen.

2 thoughts on “New World, I’ll wait for you!

  1. My computer is barely up to the task of taking on new games these days, but I decided to check out the New World preview just in case it worked. I was pretty impressed with how it looked, even on the lowest settings, and the game ran on my 8 year old potato with only one major issue. Memory use went up and up over time, eventually crashing everything. Based on forum posts, this is not just an issue with my system, so I hope it is something that can be worked out soon.

    I was impressed with the early gameplay, too. I like the combat style (as far as I can tell, no locked targets, just aiming), the weapons and weapon upgrade system, the gathering and crafting…it mostly felt right. Or at least like it was going in the right direction.

    That said, not much stood out with the game itself. The story, the characters, etc. Maybe it is still something that will, as you say, flesh out before launch. Otherwise I think my main issue with New World will be that is feels like the same old same old where PvE boils down to kill x quests.

    Definitely keeping an eye on it, though. This preview earned at least that much.

  2. I was in an early NDA’d test. Spent the 1st little bit getting to know the game. There was a big stress test followed by a wipe and start over, and since I sorta had an idea of what I was doing. Magic wasn’t implemented yet, there were no PVE quests at all. It was actually pretty boring, especially as I have negative interest in PVP. Fortunately there really wasn’t too much of it — if you saw someone else you generally just waved as you ran by.

    What I’m seeing bloggers now describe sounds like a completely different game using the same engine. I guess that’s good, but I just didn’t care about the game then, so I’m just not caring about it now either. I got an invite code last week, but I just haven’t bothered to redeem it.

    When the game releases “for real” I may give it another look, but for now, I’m pretty “meh” on it.

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