WoW Classic: Living as a zombie

When you’re playing WoW Classic, you usually have a lot of spare time to think. It’s not a fast-paced game that’s throwing a ton of stuff at you all the time, is what I’m saying. So when I’m not listening to a podcast or watching some TV off to the side, I’m usually dissecting parts of the game and analyzing elements.

What’s really bubbled up in thought during this run — which is my longest WoW Classic run to date, by the way — is what it means to be a Forsaken character. We’ve had this race in since launch, so we’ve lived with it so long that we don’t really think about it much, but… isn’t it kind of weird? I mean, out of all of the original eight races, one happens to be angry, sentient zombies. Not a lot of MMOs offer that kind of experience.

It definitely offers some opportunity for what I call “mental roleplay,” which is when you’re getting into the mindset of your character without really changing anything you do in the game. Just soaking in the character’s being, internalizing it somewhat.

And I find it delightfully strange to be in the headspace of a Forsaken. The modern baggage of Sylvanas aside, it really is a pretty interesting race with a massive chip on its shoulder and the added burden of being former members of one race that have been reborn as the decayed and desiccated version of another. Even in vanilla, there were some delightfully macabre character creation details, such as faces missing skin, parts of one face stitched onto another, jaws missing, and (in my case) a leather strap trying to hold one’s skull together. The hair is plastered down as if a corpse was floating in a creek and bones are popping out everywhere (to the detriment of my outfit).

I really enjoyed doing the first two Forsaken zones to aid in grasping that identity. A whole game full of graveyards and Halloween vistas would’ve been amazing, but nah, sooner or later we’re thrust out into the sunshine and flowers.

I have really enjoyed the racials that come with Forsaken, possibly more than I ever have in the past. Will of the Forsaken is a well-known PvP skill, but I have almost never used it in PvE situations to date. However, having the ability to go underwater for several minutes without worrying about breathing is nice, and then there’s the ability to cannibalize corpses of humanoids.

I find that last skill so hilariously dark that I’m surprised it made it into the game. Hold on fellas, my health is low, let me munch of the flesh of this elf here. Yum yum. And it’s actually HIGHLY useful in Classic, because health regen isn’t that fast, and here’s a fast skill that doesn’t take any prep, just opportunity.

Well, at least I’m amusing myself as I level up through the 20s.

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