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WoW Classic: Breaker Breaker!

There’s an awful lot that I’ve forgotten about vanilla World of Warcraft that WoW Classic is all but too eager to teach me. Like how easy it was to die, or how you actually need food and drink to get them bars back up, or what travel was like when there was only a single flight master per zone.

And I totally forgot what Hunters used to be like sixteen iterations ago. Like pretty much everyone, I started off with a Hunter in vanilla, but after a while I migrated over to the Warlock as my main. I only started a serious Hunter back up in Wrath, so my memory has large gaps in what I remember Hunters as being and what they actually were.

But then I watched a video last week explaining some of the intricacies of the class, and suddenly my memory unlocked all of these little details that I had put away, particularly in regards to how the class was much more focused on the care and maintenance of pets. There’s feeding pets, collecting skills, training them up, loyalty levels, and so on. I had TOTALLY forgotten than you could mix-and-match skills to create a build for your companion, and I’m kicking Blizzard that they let that idea go. That’s so cool.

As rekindled interest soon led to action, I had created a Troll Hunter to re-experience the class and see at which intersection nostalgia and reality would meet. I didn’t want to be super gung-ho with this toon, so I made her with some possible leveling structures in mind.

Particularly, I wasn’t going to do quests. If Classic has taught me anything, it’s that while quests are good for XP, they’re generally horrible for rewards and involve a lot of time crisscrossing the world. That gets tiresome. Since I’ve actually liked just mindlessly farming the most in Classic, I figured this character would be perfect for that. I’d just farm mobs, farm minerals, and work up Engineering.

I did, however, make a list of quests that do have some useful rewards that I want to do at some point, but there’s no rush with that. In the meanwhile, I’m running around the Barrens with my floppy feet and a wolf pet that I named Breaker. Wolves seem like a good Classic pet — able to equip some useful skills, including one that has group buff usage, and boasting a nice balance of tankiness and damage. And I like dogs more than cats, so there you go.

I polled my guild the other day about why they’ve chosen the class that they did for Classic, and pretty much all of them said that it was the class that they played extensively back in vanilla. So maybe they did know what they wanted all along, eh Blizz?

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