WoW Classic’s best capital city is Thunderbluff. Fight me.

While on the regular WoW servers, I’m all-in on Alliance, in Classic I’ve been walking the Horde path initially for a change of pace and now because of a great guild. And I’ve been finding many things to appreciate about this faction, not the least of which is what I now consider to be the best capital city of the Classic’s six: Thunderbluff.

I think Thunderbluff really gets overlooked, even on the Horde side. Orgrimmar is far more popular, to be sure, and has the absolute fullest of services — plus a dungeon to boot. Undercity gets a lot of visitation as the only Horde city in the Eastern Kingdoms. But good ol’ TB kind of comes off as redundant, a nice place to visit for starting Tauren but not really needed afterward. It also has an unwelcome reputation of being a place where you can die if you step off the many, many high ledges, so there’s that.

Yet in my experience, Thunderbluff is one of the best-designed cities in terms of both aesthetics and services. For starters, we have the Native American/summer camp theming, which I absolutely love. It’s a visually warm and welcoming place that I’m always glad to come back to at the end of my day’s adventures.

Even better than that, the bottom tier is cram-packed full of useful services that don’t require a lot of running to find. In one tight circle, you have an inn, a bank, the auction house, a forge, an anvil, repair vendors, a stable master, and a few other trainers/vendors. The flight path is up a short stairway, and the other tiers are nearby with additional services.

The only real drawbacks to TB is that it doesn’t have some of the expert services — say, Engineering, which I’m currently training. But I don’t mind making the occasional trip to Org for that and keeping TB my mainstay, because it’s worth it to me to have a quick-and-easy setup for the start and end of my sessions. It’s also why I’m pretty much sticking to Kalimdor as I’m grinding my Hunter to 60.

2 thoughts on “WoW Classic’s best capital city is Thunderbluff. Fight me.

  1. Telwyn September 21, 2020 / 10:01 am

    This is truth. TB for life!

  2. everwake September 21, 2020 / 3:00 pm

    I remember Thunder Bluff being my city of choice for a much different reason back in the day, it’s sparse population didn’t lag my modem connection as bad as Orgrimmar did!

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