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My pre-Shadowlands mission: Allied race acquisition

If you’ll recall, for the past few months I’ve been playing on a brand-new World of Warcraft account, which has been both liberating and somewhat annoying. It’s been fun to “start over” and build up a new account, but here and there I realize that I really miss certain acquisitions that I spent a lot of time working on — like my Lucid Nightmare or Grove Warden mounts, for example.

Now that Shadowlands is barreling toward us, I asked myself the question, “Do you have everything you need or want going into this expansion?” For the most part, the answer was “yes.” I have two level 120s (soon to be level 50s) with decent gear, a few nice mounts, and a song in my heart. But the fact that I have zero allied race unlocks on my character creation screen bugged me, and I decided to do something about that.

Initially, I jumped back onto my Druid with the full intent of taking advantage of Blizzard’s double reputation gains all September and try to grind out these factions. But then as someone reminded me, with the pre-patch, the studio is removing all of the rep requirements! I had completely forgotten that announcement.

So that simplified things immensely. Now all I needed to do for each allied race that I wanted — specifically, Mechagnomes, Kul Tiran Humans, and Dark Iron Dwarves — I just needed to go through certain questlines. That’s doable. That’s easy to chunk up and handle over the next month. So that became my mission.

I’ve also been writing down a list of other objectives that I’d like to get around to doing sooner or later. I probably will roll an alt in the post-pre-patch era to do a full run through Legion and pick up the allied races there. I definitely am going to be switching over my Druid or my Death Knight to become an Engineer, seeing as how much I’m enjoying that in WoW Classic.

In any case, I’m never so content in gaming as when I have clearly defined goals set out that are of my own design rather than foisted upon me by the studio.

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