7 things I do actually hate about WoW Classic

Playing WoW Classic is an exercise in sorting out the good nostalgia from the “oh man I totally forgot how much this sucked.” While I’m enjoying my simplistic adventures over there, I can freely admit that there are 10 things I’ve (re)discovered that I definitely hate about this version of the MMO:

1. Travel in general

Getting anywhere in this game is soooo slow. You have a one-hour cooldown on a single Hearthstone. Flights are far more pokey than the modern versions. You have to wait until level 40 to get a mount. There’s often only a single flight path PER ZONE. So this all translates into a whole lot of time jogging across huge areas trying to get to where you want to be. No thank you.

2. Respec costs

Oh yeah, totally forgot how much gold I’d have to dump into respeccing a talent tree if I mis-clicked a point or wanted to respec. It ramps up in cost — and you really need that gold for somewhere else.

3. No transmog

How did we live without transmog for this long? There are some attractive costume pieces in Classic, but you don’t get to wear them because it’s always stats > looks here. That’s not fun.

4. Really lame quest rewards

It’s very typical for Classic to spend a whole lot of time and effort on a single quest… only to be given a pittance of money and some XP. Or just the XP. Getting gear upgrades and useful rewards is extremely rare, making most quests not worth doing.

5. Dull music

There are some very iconic WoW Classic tracks, to be sure, but let’s be honest: most of vanilla had a painfully generic, ambient, synth score. It’s not really this masterpiece you think you remember.

6. No LFG

No LFG system means I’m not running dungeons. Period. Waaaaay too much time to set up dungeon runs for any sort of payoff.

7. Inflexible group roles

And if I needed another reason to eschew dungeon diving or raiding, it’s that Classic’s class setup means that you are pigeon-holed in a single role from the moment you click on that character create button. There are no options in a group; you do whatever the devs decided you should do. I didn’t like that in FFXIV, I don’t like it here.

2 thoughts on “7 things I do actually hate about WoW Classic

  1. 1, 6 and 7 are things I would transfer to every MMORPG I play in a heartbeat. Defining genre tropes, or should be.

    2, 3, 4 I couldn’t care about one way or the other.

    5 is interesting. I can’t say I noticed the music while I was playing last year. That could mean it was bland or that it was well-judged. I definitely don’t play games to listen to the music, though. I prefer to listen to music that was made to be listened to rather than music that was designed to be ignored. So, not really important.

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