Space Quest 6: Jamming in cyberspace

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1995’s Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Inside the anti-anomaly as Roger flees from StarCon, he activates the manual override to help plot a course to Stellar. I’m sorry, I meant Manuel Auxveride, a holographic co-pilot. I do love some dorky wordplay. Roger gets to work repairing the largely busted shuttle so that Manuel can take him to his sort-of girlfriend.

I haven’t killed Roger for a while, so I decided to take a trip outside the shuttle without a suit — with predictable results.

Ripley (or a close approximation thereof) from the Aliens franchise shows up to give Roger a jump. She’s weirdly flirty with him before leaving. I liked how the alien climbed aboard her ship right before she left. Better there than in Roger’s shuttle!

Hey, it’s Fester Blatz, the alien shopkeeper again! Roger has to get a cyberjack to help reach Stellar, and going back to the starting planet of this game is the only way to make that happen. I’d totally trust this guy to slice me open, wouldn’t you?

Inside cyberspace, Roger embarks on the latest leg of his bizarre journey. We must remember that the mid-1990s was obsessed with the idea of a virtual cyberspace, although you simpletons probably don’t understand how cool it was. I’ll let Julia Stiles explain it to you:

Oh and we never referred to the internet as the internet. It was either the “world wide web” or the “information superhighway.”

We will never be this cool as a society ever again. GeoCities, save us from ourselves!

I’m not even being a smidge ironic or sarcastic when I say this: I kind of really miss the look and feel of Windows 3.1. That was when your desktop actually felt exciting instead of something you ignore unless you’re changing your wallpaper.

After a long and tedious slog through the computer’s files, Roger finds a reference to “Project Immortality” — an attempt to live forever. The old lady that tried to gas Roger and kidnapped Stellar is behind it, as is the brainy Dr. Beleauxs. It’s kind of late in the game to drop an actual plot into it, but I guess better late than never?

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