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Syp’s gaming goals for October 2020

September 2020 in review

  • September ended up being a decent gaming month without much in the way of great change or exciting developments. I found myself mostly gearing up for Shadowlands in terms of my game time and focus, but I had some side projects here and there.
  • I certainly failed to reach my goal of level 30 in WoW Classic as I’ve been grinding my Hunter (she’s just 22 as I write this). I did get a lot of Engineering done on her, I think I’m around 180 or so, so I feel like some good groundwork has been laid.
  • As I said, my attention in World of Warcraft retail ramped up significantly. I finished many of the main BFA storylines to help unlock allied races, started running world quests for profit, and even switched my Druid over to engineering. I also pre-purchased the expansion and started to give thought to my alts.
  • Lord of the Rings Online was pretty much just a whole lot of Helm’s Deep questing. Nothing exciting, didn’t finish it, I’m not even to 95 yet. GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
  • I didn’t spend any time in Fallout 76, despite my intentions. Want to. Just haven’t yet.
  • SWTOR time is tapering off, although I’m still working on getting my Agent through the core storyline.
  • Over in retro gaming, I’m muddling through Eye of the Beholder 2 for a series that should come out next spring. It’s not the easiest combat system in the world, let me tell you.

October 2020 gaming goals

  • For World of Warcraft, I want to earn enough money for another WoW Token, level up BFA engineering somewhat, and maybe start a new alt in the pre-patch era. Then there’s the Shadowlands launch at the end of the month, but no goals set for the first couple of days other than just to… play it.
  • For LOTRO, I want to finish up Helm’s Deep on the progression server.
  • Since Torchlight III is launching, I’ll definitely want to get in some time with this. Get my “game legs,” so to speak.
  • For SWTOR, finishing up Chapter 3 would be both Jim and Dandy!

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for October 2020

  1. Oh cool! Really looking forward to your retro gaming articles on ‘Eye of the Beholder’. I tried it years ago but the real time combat system just turned me off. Frantically clicking on the spellbooks to try to cast requires someone with a lot better hand eye coordination than I.

    Love your Space Quest reviews too but I’m not a big fan of adventure games and would rather read about them than play them.

  2. The combat system is proving difficult with EotB, but I’m trying to adapt to keyboard commands as shortcuts.

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