Cranking up the World of Warcraft money-making machine

Over the past month, I’ve really been ramping up my gold-making activities in World of Warcraft — specifically, farming transmogs to tell on the auction house. It’s a whole lot of initial effort to build up a large enough inventory, as most recommend you at least have 500 items on stock and preferably three to four times that.

So that’s meant a whole lot of farming. I’ve been testing out different recommended dungeons to get a feel for the drop rates and how much the transmogs from those instances tend to sell for. For me, I’ve settled into pretty much running three dungeons:

  • Razorfen Kraul — Quick, decent transmog drop rates
  • Hellfire Ramparts — Quick, drops both vanilla and TBC transmog
  • Blackrock Depths — Very quick, loads of transmog drops

Other dungeons have gradually been weeded out due to how long it takes to get to them, what kind of drop rate I’m actually seeing, and not being quick enough to run.

I didn’t go into this thinking that I’d be using a lot of mods, but soon enough I realized that I needed some help. The two mods that have been of the most use here are Loot Assistant and TSM 4. Loot Assistant makes loot farming a lot more enjoyable, giving you exciting pop-ups when valuable items have been looted. I use that to sort my bags while I’m running so that I can quickly sell the undesired stuff and then mail the good stuff to my AH alt.

I used to use TSM for its sniper ability, but now I just rely on it to help me post hundreds of auctions relatively quickly. It can be set to undercut competition and hold back items when there are underpriced duplicates already on the AH. As I write this, I woke up to a nice 25,000 gold deposit from sales overnight, which is a good sign that my sales machine is finally starting to take off.

2 thoughts on “Cranking up the World of Warcraft money-making machine

  1. Sylow October 13, 2020 / 10:04 am

    Syp turning into a farmer. I would never have expected that, it’s quite surprising.

  2. Syp October 13, 2020 / 11:30 am

    Well, to fill the time right now, at least!

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