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4 video game sequels that let me down

As a gamer, there are few things worse than greatly anticipating a release that ultimately lets you down. But one of those few things worse is when that title is a sequel to a game that you love dearly.

Because then you’ve gone from being overjoyed that you’re about to get the next chapter to follow up a game that you’ve had a great time with. You want more! You want to see improvements but also more of the same spirit! And so you follow its development closely for months or years and you circle its release date on the calendar.

And then it’s just a let-down. Either it’s a stinker or it’s barely adequate — a shadow of the great experience you enjoyed before.

I was thinking of this the other day and several examples quickly jumped to my mind:

Majesty 2

As you well know, the original Majesty may well be my favorite RTS of all time. I love its clever design and the way it oozes personality with its graphics and voice acting. But the sequel was so disappointing because it seemed to fail to understand what made the first game great. The design was so-so and the characters and look of the land became incredibly generic as the title shifted to 3D. Such a waste.

Chrono Cross

Now I actually like Chrono Cross as its own game. It was a beautiful PlayStation RPG with a classic soundtrack and a lot of innovative ideas. But as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, it was such a let-down because its story had only vague connections to the first game, no time travel, and a very muddled narrative.

Dungeon Warfare 2

The first Dungeon Warfare was such an amazingly fun tower defense game that incorporated Dungeon Keeper-like mechanics. I was thrilled to see the second arrive, looking much like the first. But man, I could never get into it. It plays a little different, and that little difference is enough to sour me on it. It just didn’t click with me like the first game, and the poor performance it has on my phone didn’t help any.

Mass Effect 3

The first game was great and the second Mass Effect was a stone-cold BioWare classic. So why wouldn’t I be there on day one to play the third game? Unfortunately, this one lost my interest about halfway through. It simply wasn’t as compelling as the previous installments, and if the internet’s testimony is any indication, I wasn’t missing much by pressing on to the end.

What are some game sequels that let you down?

2 thoughts on “4 video game sequels that let me down

  1. I’m torn on this one because I am glad the series came back at all, but when it did it was…different.

    I loved the first two games in the Darksiders series. They had fun combat, puzzles, and exploration. It was a combination that worked for the way I play.

    It looked like there would not be a Darksiders 3 after THQ closed up, so I was happy another studio was able to take it over. The game they made, though, leaved heavily into combat and pretty much stripped out the rest. It is by no means a bad game, and I know there are people who did NOT like the puzzles before, but it was disappointing that much of what I liked in the earlier series was gone.

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