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Idle Life Sim is the casual sim I didn’t know I needed

My relationship with mobile gaming is worlds apart from how I approach PC gaming. Mobile gaming is, for me, something to fill a couple of spare minutes — maybe when I’m waking up or having quality time in the bathroom. So these days I’m not looking for super deep or involved experiences, but rather something I can open up, having fun for a minute or two, and then walk away without feeling like I’m dropping the ball.

With that standard in mind, Idle Life Sim is perfect for me. It’s like someone took the basic concept of The Sims — outfit a virtual dollhouse and have an autonomous character fiddle around in it — and merged it with a clicker game. It’s nothing deep, but it is enjoyable to mess with for a little bit of time here and there.

In Idle Life Sim, you start out with a single character and a one-room house. Your character has a career of your choice and generates money from this on a constant timer. That money can be spent to upgrade his or her career, buy more outfits, purchase furniture, or upgrade to bigger houses. You also have to increase your popularity (which is accomplished by dressing up right for parties). But seriously, that’s about it.

Yes, it’s a total ad-driven game, in that they want you to watch ads to generate even more money or special currency. I don’t do this that often, to be honest, but the option is there. It doesn’t feel that grindy, though, and I think a lot of that has to do with the presentation.

Everything here is so laid back. Unlike most clicker games, Idle Life Sim isn’t about fighting. Most of the time your character is interacting with your house objects while you take trips over to the always-rotating in-game store to see what wallpaper, carpet, and furnishings you can afford. There are objectives to accomplish for premium currency, but I think the real objectives here are to make your sim and house into what you want to see. 

I do like the presentation here. It’s cute without being that derivative of any other mobile game I’ve seen. The interface is very fast and intuitive, and there are a lot of little details that are fun to check out (such as the outside changing seasons). The whole package has personality, and that’s pretty much why I find myself logging in to tweak my little house day after day.

Anyway, a light and breezy recommendation from me today.

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