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Sunday Serenade: Bakermat, Blackpink, and more!

Time for another Sunday morning dose of random songs that I’ve been listening to this past week! Welcome to Sunday Serenade — now let’s crank the jams up with… 

“Pretty Little Jaguar” by Bakermat — Oh how I drink up the punctuated tempo with this one. Just a terrific song that I listened to a half-dozen times right away.

“Walk” by Saint Chaos — Amazingly excellent song with such a hard bounce to it. Instantly one of my favorites from this year.

“Old” by Axero — Just a happy-go-lucky tune.

“Cigarette” by Miles Away and XYSM — I like songs that tell a good story with a catchy beat, and this does both.

“Welcome Guests” from The Haunting of Magnolia Manor — Another amazing piece from Big Giant Circles. A pulse-pounding Halloween track? Indeed!

“Face Up to the Sun” by Mike Williams and Justin Mylo — Love the hard-hitting bass with this one. Voice is a little annoying, but I’ll live with it.

“Lovesick Girls” by Blackpink — Finally, a song that speaks to me where I’m at.

“Crush” by LarryKoek — This one charmed the pants off of me. Fortunately, I had more pants.

“Goodbye” by Le Shuuk — A happy-go-lucky track about running away from evil? I’m digging it.

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