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What professions do I want to pursue in Shadowlands?

As we continue to progress toward the launch date for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands later this month, I feel like I’m getting ready for this expansion in a different way than I did for the last two. I’m very much enjoying getting all of my ducks in a row, with some of those ducks being professions.

I’d written off professions for past expansions, but now I’ve got both the interest and a plan to make the most out of my time in Shadowlands. I don’t see much of a reason to engage in making armor, but that does leave a few other doors open for exploration.

For starters, I’ve decided that my Druid is going to take enchanting and actually, you know, enchant instead of breaking down gear for mats to sell on the auction house. Since she’ll be at the vanguard of my crew in terms of playtime, I figure she’ll be getting the most gear and will be best poised to do that.

My Gnome Hunter is going to continue on with Engineering. Right now I’ve got her dutifully going through Draenor’s tier, but I have long-term plans to have her cover all of the game’s engineering to date. It’s really ambitious, but since that can be handled in small bites, there’s no worry there. Engineering fits her character and theme the best, and so I’m giving my full focus of that profession just to her.

Finally, for my Death Knight, I figure I’ll try my hand at alchemy. There’s another prof that I’ve almost never done anything with, but it might be interesting to have some additional effects and a bit of an edge while playing.

If you’re looking to play Shadowlands, are you doing any professions? If so, what are they?

2 thoughts on “What professions do I want to pursue in Shadowlands?

  1. I’m currently rerolling my entire alliance to horde with my guild so I’m trying to rebuild my entire profession chain from scratch. Tailoring for bags, engineering for my main to move around the world quickly. Alchemy alt for raid nights.Inscription for funsies. Gotta have it all. And of course, leveling a new character for each.

  2. Honestly not sure, personally.

    My Void Elf hunter has Skinning and Leatherworking to fit the feel of a hunter, but I’d been considering swapping Leatherworking over to Enchanting as I’ll likely make it my main.

    My priest still has Jewelcrafting, and my shaman is going to be either Engineering or Alchemy, depending on how I feel when I get around to setting that character up.

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