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10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 1)

The way things are going right now, I’m pretty content to hunker down in World of Warcraft in the lead-up and launch of Shadowlands. It’s hitting the spot with me, but that’s not to say that I’m going to be in this and only this for the next year. There’s always that point where the excitement and newness wears off and a desire to add in more variety grows.

So looking past the rest of this year, what is there to get excited about for 2021? Considering how much got delayed from 2020, it’s a whole lot at this point. I wanted to bust out a quick list of 10 MMOs (and expansions) that I’m looking forward to checking out in the new year:

1. New World

Amazon’s MMO has gone from being a punchline to a genuine prospect, especially after some solid word-of-mouth this past summer. I like the setting and want to see what the studio does with the extra time afforded by its delay. It definitely looks like it’ll be one of the bigger MMO launch events of 2021, and that’s exciting!

2. Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion

While I don’t care for the combat, ESO has a great world and a fantastic questing system. And it keeps pumping out new expansions on a yearly basis, so we’re almost assured to get another one next spring. An expansion release does a lot to pump up interest, especially with a past history with the game. My big question is, what will the new tentpole feature be? A new class or race is never not welcome!

3. Book of Travels

I don’t think we’re getting a 2021 launch with this micro-MMO, but beta testing looks to be probable. I really love the imaginative approach and art style of this — and I can’t wait to give it a good try.

4. Magic Legends

Despite Cryptic downgrading this from a proper MMO, yeah, I’m still on board for Magic Legends. At least to give it a whirl and see how the card-collecting and setting work in an ARPG format. Could be horrible… or could be a new guilty pleasure, like all of Cryptic’s games.

5. Lord of the Rings Online: Gundabad

While this fall’s paid “mini-expansion” has left a really bad taste in my mouth, I can’t fail to show up to an actual expansion launch. With a new class (the Brawler)! Let’s hope that SSG gets its head out of its rear by next spring and starts talking more and making better decisions, because I’d love to see this be a strong hit.

I’ll be back in a day or two with the rest of this list!

3 thoughts on “10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 1)

  1. Im a bit meh with MMOs atm, refunded shadowlands after playing the beta. This borrowed power every expansion now has finally got old for me. At least it has helped break my wow addiction.

    From the new mmos the Amazon LoTR mmo is the only one which has a chance of me dedicating real time and effort into it mainly as I love the franchise. Whether or not its a good game when it arrives in 3-4 years is another matter.

    New world I’ll play as i think they might use it as a ‘test bed’ for systems in the LoTR game.

    Ashes of Creation seemed exciting but the more I hear of it the more it sounds like its going to be really complex and like a second job.

    Im just a jaded mmo vet these days, having a kid also means my free time is more precious to me than it was before.

    Anyway is good to see you still trucking, was visiting all the old blogs and its quite sad to see the amount of the old blogging crew that have drifted away.

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