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10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 2)

Last week got away from me — gee, wonder why? — and I didn’t get around to finishing up my 10 most anticipated MMO or MMO expansion releases for 2021 list. To recap, my first five were New World, Elder Scrolls Online’s unnamed expansion, Book of Travels, Magic Legends, and LOTRO: Gundabad.

Let’s finish it out with…

An officially authorized City of Heroes fan server

Yes, we have a playable City of Heroes emulator right now — many of them, in fact. But they’re still not legitimate, a fact that kind of sours my enthusiasm to engaging with Homecoming on a long or regular basis. Talks have been in the works with NCsoft to license or legitimatize these servers, and I’m crossing my fingers this actually happens in 2021. If it does, I expect a City of Heroes revival — and a return to Paragon City.

Ship of Heroes

Speaking of superhero MMOs, I’m betting all my chips on Ship of Heroes being the one City of Heroes spiritual successor that actually makes it across the finish line and does well for itself. I don’t think it’s going to launch in 2021, but a beta could definitely be feasible — or perhaps a public playtest of a sort. In any case, I haven’t yet touched this game and want to sometime next year.

Burning Crusade Classic

It’s not official yet, but the general consensus is that Blizzard will be announcing Burning Crusade Classic soon, probably at BlizzCon in February — and then launching it later that year. It’d be a huge boost to the Classic community, many of whom (myself included) would rather be in one of the early expansions rather than plain vanilla. I will be dutifully leveling up my Hunter to prepare for this launch.

FFXIV: Forspoken

Yeah, get off my back, I already know the weird and twisted relationship I have with this MMO. I know it’s not really for me. I know I get all excited about the *idea* of it, return, do OK for a while, and then fizzle out. But new expansions are like irresistible catnip to me, and I’m positive that I’ll find myself lured into the hype, just to see if FFXIV will stick with me this time around. Prediction: It won’t.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

In a similar vein, Guild Wars 2’s next expansion could be an attractive prospect. I like this game more and don’t mind returning from time to time, but if the expansion actually improves on what I’ve seen as a pretty faulty setup these past couple of expansions? I’d trade my temporary enthusiasm for a longer-lasting variety.

3 thoughts on “10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 2)

  1. Will BC Classic be a separate server than the current WoW Classic? I think that makes more sense than stepping everyone through to the expansion. After all, the whole point of classic servers is that people liked that version of the game.

  2. I meant to add that I agree GW2 has had some uneven expansions. But in their defense, the more recent Path of Fire is way better than Heart of Thorns and its Living Word seasons. We’re struggling through HoT story, while PoF and seasons 4 and 5 almost seamlessly rode the PoF coattails. I can’t really speak to the Icebrood Saga, because we’ve barely seen the prelude stuff. We’re looking forward to End of Dragons, as well.

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