KOTOR: Dantooine daydreams

(This is part of my journey going playing through 2003’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Getting to Dantooine was always a big moment among my previous KOTOR playthroughs. I used to care about finally getting to be a Jedi (now, not so much), but I still do like the planet itself. It’s more peaceful and pastoral than Taris, a tranquil outpost in the plains with some really great music. And it was good to finally be somewhere other than the very long Taris section — and see some landscape!

Anyway, now that this ragtag group has escaped from Malak’s destruction of Taris, Bastila has the great idea of going to the small Jedi counsel instead of back to the Republic’s capital. She’s not the brightest of leaders. The counsel wants to see Syppi to promote her to full-fledged Jedi (well, padawan), but no thanks, I’d rather be a smuggler? Oh, there’s no choice in the matter. Well, fine. I’m keeping my guns, though.

So there’s this training montage so show that Syppi is getting her Force skills, but she’s got to go through three Jedi trials first. Also, because she and Bastila now are vision-bonded or some nonsense, they are going to investigate the dreams Syppi has of Revan and Malak investigating a temple on Dantooine.

Because, as far as I know, the mobs don’t respawn in this game, it’s always important to find and kill all of them to get as much XP as possible. So it’s kind of relaxing running around on Dantooine shooting at various beasties and spitting in the face of the Force.

Still a pretty game, in a sparse kind of way.

Out in the plains is a former Jedi named Juhani who got into a tiff with her master, killed him, and fell to the Dark Side. The choice to help redeem her back to the Light or further cement her in the Dark is a really great one and perhaps the most interesting of all of the companion “conversions” that you can do in this game.

The main thrust of the Dantooine chapter is to explore some ancient ruins that Darths Malak and Revan were tooling around in a while back. It’s there the party meets a droid that explains that this was the workshop of what eventually became the “Star Forge” — which is this game’s Death Star, but more on that in later chapters.

At the back of these ruins is a map to a map. It’s a map to four worlds — Korriban, Kashyyyk,
Manaan, and Tatooine — that each contain a fourth of the map to the location of the Star Forge. It’s basically the plot of the last few Star Wars movies, just less dumb. So that’s how the game is going to open up from here: In order to find this super-weapon that Darth Malak is also trying to find, it’s imperative to go to these four worlds and get the map segments. In classic BioWare fashion, it’s up to the player to choose the order of the four planets, but in the end, all have to be done.

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