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My World of Warcraft character parade

I’ve been having some fun this past week creating a whole stable of World of Warcraft alts, one for each class (more or less) and one for each race (except, you know, those). I haven’t played most of them, just tinkered around with the character creator and challenged myself to come up with striking names that weren’t already taken.

So we’ll start with Yonderly (“Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded”) my Dwarf Shaman that I rerolled as a Dark Iron Dwarf Shammy. Right now I’m taking her up to level 50 as Enhancement, and she’s a terror with dual maces.

Next up is my Human Paladin, Doxology (“a liturgical formula of praise to God”). I really wasn’t expecting to think anything of her — Pallys aren’t usually my thing — but I ended up really digging both her punkish look and her name. Plus, that Exile’s Reach armor looks pretty amazing! Well, everything above the knee.

Then there’s Honu the Monk — Pandaran, of course, because it’s like WoW law that most all Monks have to be pandas. The name Honu I got from a trip to Hawaii a while back, where I really liked seeing it. It means “green sea turtle” or “to be full.”

I knew I wanted a Mechagnome, so why not make her as a Warlock? I brainstormed a lot on the name and eventually worked the idea of breath or soul into the Greek prefix of “pneuma,” which then became Pneumosa. I like her pointy hair!

Confessa the Dwarf Priest is probably the creation I like the least. I mean, her hair rocks, but she just looks… lost. Obviously, I went with the idea of confessing to priests as her inspiration for a name.

For a straight-up Mage, I made Charmancy the Gnome here. Fire… char… magic… mancy… yeah, you got it.

Finally for my Rogue, we have Ms. Foxgloves here. The name works on two levels: Foxgloves is a type of poisonous plant, and Foxgloves also sounds downright thiefish, doesn’t it?

So when I unlock the Lightforged Draenei, I suppose it will be my Warrior, and then my roster will be complete. Well, as complete as it can be without Horde characters or Elves!

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