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My five desert island games

From time to time, I think all gamers ponder what would be their best line-up of “desert island games” — games that you’d be OK with playing for the rest of your life if you could only have those few games. I’m sure my internal list on this might change over time, but I challenged myself to come up with five titles that would be ideal for an island without any internet connection (but, oddly enough, electricity).

For the purpose of this list, I’m focusing on single-player computer games that would come bundled with all of their expansions and DLC (if any). Without any further ado…

One: The Sims 4

This one is almost a gimme. I already know I like it, and there’s a near-infinite number of ways that you can approach and play this game. It would offer me virtual social interactions (of a sort), housing, world-building, and story-telling. At this point, Sims 4 is pretty huge in scope, so all of the DLC combined would make for a lot of stuff to explore and use.

Two: Rimworld

For desert island games, you really want a LOT of replayability, and in my view, you also want games that are “story builders.” So instead of a set story or a story that’s limited in scope and direction, it’s a title where the story could go in a wide variety of places. Rimworld is one of my favorite titles that does all of this, plus it’s a pretty solid RTS that feeds into my base-building desires.

Three: Torchlight II

I know that I’d be missing MMORPGs a whole lot and would want something to fit that void — and a good, solid ARPG would be perfect for that kill-loot-equip-repeat gameplay loop. Torchlight II is probably the best candidate for this field, especially with its colorful visuals.

Four: Baldur’s Gate II

I had to get at least two straight-up RPGs on this list, and they had to be both titles I know I already liked and would offer a massive bang for the buck. Baldur’s Gate II may be old, but it’s a classic with a big expansion and tons to do — and tons of that BioWare storytelling that I love.

Five: Witcher III

I agonized over this pick because there are lots of CRPGs that I hold to be more immediate favorites, although this could well be that I haven’t really pressed that far into Witcher III to form a full opinion. But the sheer size of this game and its DLC is a big plus for a desert island pick, as are the strong reviews. I’d want at least one title on this list that would let me explore a virtual world in over-the-shoulder 3D too, so it’s what I’m going with.

What would be your five desert island computer games?

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