World of Warcraft: Mechagnome marvels

When this post is published, Shadowlands will be here, but as I write this, it’s the week beforehand and I’m a little antsy and in need of a good distraction. With my Shaman leveled to 50, I decided to tinker around on my little Mechagnome Warlock, Pneumosa.

Character creation was fine, and while I appreciated choices about her various parts, I kinda wished that there were more. A whole lot more. For example, you don’t get a choice of what type of artificial feet to have or whether any of your limbs are natural. I think I did my best, and I really enjoyed her beehive hairdo.

One of the nice perks of allied races is that they skip over the tutorial and start right at level 10. So with an eye on eventually going through all of the expansions on alts, I started her in on Cataclysm (old world) content. That felt just fine for me, nothing too demanding, just one zone of quests at a time.

Of course, I happened to pick one place — Duskwood — that was being slammed with max-level scourge mobs. 100% of the deaths I suffered were at the hands of skeletons and flying dragons, and I was a little miffed that they weren’t at least scaled down so that lowbies doing the quests could try to fight back.

Happily, once outside of the hub, it was a lot more peaceful and I could kill spiders and werewolves in peace. I’m speccing her as affliction, at least for now, because while I do want a felguard pet, demonology’s lengthy cast times make combat an agonizing experience. I’d rather just pop insta-DoTs on bad guys and get on with my business.

What I’m really loving are the Mechagnome racials. The newer allied races seem to have much more fun racials as a whole, but this right here is the best set yet that I’ve encountered. For starters, she has the ability to instantly cast two holographic decoys — which is amazingly useful and a lot of fun to watch. Then she’s got a couple of nice automatic abilities: a self-heal upon dipping below 20% and a stat boost that increases the longer she’s in combat.

Mechagnomes are also amazingly suited for crafting, with the ability to pick locks, use every profession tool, and function as an anvil, fire, and forge. I don’t have plans right now to use her for crafting, but that certainly opens the doors for the future if I do change my mind.

The tabard, mount, and heritage armor also have delightful steampunk theming, so now I have incentive to get her to 50 to at least unlock it for my whole account.

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