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Putting a tidy bow on LOTRO

As I was looking at December plans, I wanted to wrap up LOTRO in November with as neat and as tidy a bow as possible before putting it back on the shelf for a while. It’s time, I think, to take a good long break, at least until the next update.

But before that could happen, there were projects to be done! The first was to get all of the fall festival cosmetics and pets that I wanted form this year’s event. The outfits were surprisingly good this year, so I had to save up a lot of tokens to get those. Oh, and also the wings, which apparently this game has now? They’re not *great* wings, mind you, but any options other than capes is always desirable for me.

With that done, I made it my mission to power through and wrap up Helm’s Deep on the progression server. This was a task that I’d been slowly trudging through for months now without any end in sight. But it’s amazing what a few lengthy dedicated sessions can achieve, especially if you numb the boredom with a movie on in the background.

I mean, Rohan isn’t boring, per se, but it is very, very, very, very long. Maybe it didn’t feel that long when we first got it, but I swear, these LOTRO designers got take-home bonus pay if they managed to cross certain high thresholds of quests-per-zone. Have you ever tried to power through, say, 300 quests? It’s the online equivalent of trying to plow your way through the defensive line of an NFL team. By yourself.

I’ve written before that, at this juncture, Lord of the Rings Online is simply too quest dense for its good and that it might be a better idea to take a cue from SWTOR and jettison all of the side missions in favor of just the main arc.

But that would also throw out a lot of good stuff that’s getting smothered in the noise, so an alternative idea would be to give every zone a “quest budget” that would be used to corral a smaller number of the better-done missions into keeping and excise the rest.

In any case, one change that LOTRO did make that I enjoyed this past week was the option to skip epic battles entirely and go through “storied tales” of Helm’s Deep. They were actually far more enjoyable — and far less time-consuming — than the old epic battles, and I give the developers praise for making this available.

The 2021 plans sound good, but whatever content they have coming seems like it’s a way off, so taking a break now wouldn’t set me back any. I need to recharge my interest and revisit it fresh next year.

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