Octopath Traveler: Looking for a group

I’m not super sucked into Octopath Traveler — at least, not yet — but I am really warming up to some of its aspects. The combat in particular is pretty satisfying, and I like how I’m not completely lost and confused at this stage.

I’ve also been playing the game with a controller ever since my second session. That isn’t something I do with computer games — pretty much *ever* — but this title was clearly designed for a controller and is awkward as all get out with just the keyboard. I don’t resent having to use a controller, although the rumble pack in mine is way too aggressive and wants to vibrate my hand off.

With my first character under my belt, I’m following the game’s gentle instruction to go around and assemble the other seven main characters. I figure that just going around the game map clockwise should do fine for this, so next up was Alfyn.

This was a good move, since Alfyn is a healer who wants to go out and heal the world or somesuch. Honestly, his introduction is really lame, but I do like his upbeat attitude and the fact that he brings much-needed heals to the table.

With a second character in the party, we head up north for a third. It’s a very relaxed kind of trip, allowing me to level up from fights, explore nooks and crannies, and otherwise enjoy the gorgeous backdrops.

It’s a good thing that I’m not in a rush, because the trip really does take a while — especially with all the random fights. The good news is that I’m getting very practiced with taking down mobs. I wish that I was seeing gear drops, but hey, levels are levels. Can’t hurt to have more of them!

Here, the small party enters some northern forest… very dreamy.

It’s here that I start in on the tale of H’aanit (don’t ask me how to pronounce it), a hunter in the dark woods who lost her master a year ago. Square-Enix does seem to love dousing particular cultures in its RPGs with super ye olde fashioned speeche, and this place gets the heaviest dose I’ve ever seen.

For such a “dignified” hunter of renown, H’aanit ends up fighting the doofiest-looking boss I’ve seen yet in this game. Derpy derpy do. And what about the drool situation, there?

Ah well, at least now I have a party of three to call my own!

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