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SWTOR: The Yeti strikes back!

Even though I allegedly gave myself permission to play only Shadowlands this month, I started to feel the weird imbalance of only encountering one MMO every day. So I decided to get back to my old pattern of flipping between two games during nightly gaming sessions, and I figured that SWTOR was due for a one-month return.

In this case, I came back to my old, old main — Yeti the Operative. I had left her stranded in the second chapter of Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion back in summer 2019. So here’s my project: I’m going to finish KOTET by the end of December. You can do it, Syp! Thanks man, I appreciate the self-pep talk.

I did love getting back into this character. I missed her weird array of toxic, poisonous attacks and general Chiss attitude. As I got into it, I took a road trip with the new Empress of the Sith and got stranded with her on a surface of a planet that has horrible cell phone reception. At least she’s there to lug around all my awesome, because it’s too much for one person to carry.

Even though I’ve played Yeti more or less light side in the past, sometimes she gets pretty hellbent on revenge. You know, such as when the former Republic leader decides to have her assassinated in order to take over the alliance. Oh, Soresh, you done messed up big time.

As the action barreled forward, Yeti had the opportunity to take back the Gravestone after its abduction. Unfortunately, crazy Vaylin decided to drop by, so this became a big ol’ confrontation. There were some suitably tense moments when I wasn’t 100% sure how the game was going to play out scenes, but those got defanged when nobody got killed and nothing got resolved.

Instead, good guys and bad alike got stranded on a weird abandoned city-planet of Iokath. It was a little eerie, with no living souls and a whole bunch of murderous droids running all over the place. Man, these expansions loved droids as enemies. Never got old for the developers!

While I certainly like the forward momentum of a single, narrative-rich storyline, the complete absence of other players is downright eerie. I had forgotten how strange this part of the game was. Sure, I could jump out to go back to the fleet and see if I could hook up with a guild, but I don’t want to disrupt the flow here.

Also, I’m just chuffed to spend more time with Vette. She’s a peach.

So here’s a rule for any video game, ever. If you walk into a room with a giant but completely motionless robot or monster, you are 100% assured that it will come to life and become a boss fight. The good news here is that when I was done fighting it, we fixed it up and let my character jump into the cockpit to go step on bad droids for a good 20 minutes.

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