SWTOR: Making my butt groove on the Eternal Throne

We started to come close to the wire in getting SWTOR’s Eternal Throne expansion done by the end of the year. I had to wait to play this in short bursts with my son right before bed time, and it came down to the last two chapters needing to get done in the two days before new year’s.

At least we got to commandeer a walker to help fight Vaylin’s invasion of Odessa. It was the only bright spot in a long slog through a very story-lite chapter.

At least the final (?) confrontation with Vaylin actually happened. This expansion’s been teasing it, oh, pretty much every chapter so far, and that sort of thing gets tiring, fast. She’s a decent villain but kind of one note with her angry-crazy-vengeance thing.

One of the joys of playing an Agent is seeing a non-Force powered character stand toe-to-toe with the galaxy’s greatest — and win.

That brought us to the final chapter, a race to claim the throne on Zakuul before the Eternal Fleet destroyed everything else in the galaxy. Honestly, I was just ready for this whole storyline to be over — and for me to never see another skytrooper ever again.

As the saying goes, don’t use electric toilets. Naturally, claiming the Eternal Throne wasn’t going to happen easily — as the Emperor chose that moment to try to take over my mind and rule through my body. Yeah, no, that’s not going to happen.

Cue another slog, although a visually interesting one, through my mindscape. A couple of semi-tough battles later, and Mr. Beardy was finally obliterated. Or so they say. He can go jump into the void with skytroopers for all I care.

And that was it! Eternal Throne, beaten just hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve. It was a decent enough conclusion, although it felt more like a watered-down single-player game than an MMO. I really will have to return to SWTOR some time in 2021 to head into the planets and expansions past this point, as it’s all new to me from here.

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