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Yakkity Yak, don’t talk back World of Warcraft!

While I probably know a lot more about how World of Warcraft’s various systems work, my wife exceeds me in one significant way: She makes gold in ways that I could only dream about. She’s far better at playing the auction house and finding ways to meet market supply, and as a result, gold just flows into her account in Scrooge McDuck amounts.

But because she loves me — and because she ended up stealing my old account with all of the good unlocks — she does throw a lot of gold my way for tokens and other trivialities. It actually allowed me to purchase one of my most-wanted items over the holiday, the big ol’ yak mount from Mists of Pandaria.

Even for a purchase from an older expansion, 120,000 gold isn’t insignificant (that’s a WoW token these days). However, this isn’t an impulse purchase. The yak comes with a repair vendor and a transmogifier, both of which I use pretty much all the time in WoW. I’m forever looking for one or the other, and now I have both, permanently, on all of my characters. That’s worth 120k gold to me.

I’ve had some good fun with my Druid over the holidays. Her gear is settling into the heroic dungeon range and I’m getting on top of the whole daily/weekly cycle without feeling overwhelmed any more.

One of the things that has helped me connect more with this character was playing around with her talents. In particular, taking the ability to summon a trio of treants for 10 seconds every minute has proved to be one of the most fun abilities in her arsenal to use. The damage is nice, but having their powerful taunts means that I can pull them out to help dungeon groups or get a reprieve to fire off some heals.

I even dared to start healing heroic dungeons once I felt my gear was good enough to do so. I go back and forth between DPS and healing, and both have advantages. DPS is more relaxing and less stressful, but healing gets me into groups faster and features a nice change of pace.

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