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World of Warcraft: Doing Druids wrong

You guys, I’m pretty sure I’m Druiding *all wrong* in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. First of all, I went with Maldraxxus for my covenant, even though the Druid Union stipulates that all nature-loving shapeshifters must pledge with the Night Fae and drink herbal tea whilst sitting on a recliner made of flowers.

And as I’m consorting with zombies and skeletons, I’ve also taken to wearing the above outfit that I’m calling “Death Druid.” I totally love the fact that I got my first non-cape back piece, which is sort of a small backpack with this flag/spear standard.

Anyway, I’m digging my life decisions here. Every night I’ve been logging on and choosing different things to do. Sometimes it’s pursuing a calling, sometimes it’s doing a renown quest chain, sometimes it’s just farming or Torghast running.

Speaking of Torghast, I have to question if Blizzard is really doing it justice in the rewards department. Other than running it for currency to make legendary items, I’m failing to see the point of it. You don’t get loot drops like you do in dungeons, and there are only four cosmetic rewards tied with very specific twisted hall achievements. I feel that Torghast should be dropping all sorts of desirable loot — pets, mounts, cosmetics — but other than soul ash, the only thing I’ve seen here are two champions that I recruited to use at my adventure table.

So I don’t get why we’re going to be doing Torghast for the long haul, unless there are rewards or long-term benefits I’m not seeing. I mean, it’s not like you can wear more than one legendary.

Anyway, I did want to share the above picture there because I thought it was an excellent little quest tucked into a chain. My character got thrown in jail, and the only way out was with a bit of necromancy. In this case, reanimating a skeleton arm that could only hop and platform its way to a release lever. I thought it was funny and clever, the type of MMO quest that shows me that devs have imaginations.

I really suppose I should be doing more Maw stuff, but to be honest, I feel lost in there every time I go. I don’t know where to go for rares and side objectives, since I don’t see them popping up on the map. And it’s disheartening to roam accidentally into a super-dangerous place, die, and then have to do a hard corpse run to get stygia back. I’d appreciate more direction in there, is what I’m saying.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Doing Druids wrong

  1. I am loving the Venthyr Campagin gear on my enhancement shaman!

    I don’t get Torghast at all. I’m doing the rescue series for Thrall, Bane, Jaina and Anduin, but only as a quest series, not for rewards. Same to the Maw – just doing the required quest series from above 🙂
    All in all, having fun though!

  2. I got to the point where they send you to the twisting corridors. I spent 3 hours doing 18 floors of torghast and lost to the final boss all 5 deaths I had. it was infuriating. And you have to clear it on layer 2 to get anything at all.

    My druid went to rendereth with my wife’s druid for the zone and the aesthetic and because I have my hunter in ardenweald for the maximum power.

    I did a normal layer 1 torghast last night before reset hoping to see another companion since I know I missed one but he wasn’t there so it was a waste of time. I built my legendary and now I need to spend thousands of gold or grind thousands of mats to craft a higher level. I’ll never have to worry about soul ash at the current rate. I’d need to make 15 shoulders of my own or buy someone else’s, I don’t like giving gold to other players for some reason.

    The thing I like the most about torghast is that it doesn’t feel like islands. Islands felt like you needed to run the hardest level every time to get the max rewards which meant getting a group. I’m glad torghast is more relaxed, even if it’s not what I was hoping for from it.

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