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Sam and Max Hit the Road: You’re my only hope

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1993’s Sam and Max Hit the Road. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

The Mystery Vortex only gets all the more mysterious the further that Sam and Max explore it. I think the upside-down room made me dizzy for a brief few seconds, but you can always flip your computer monitor over, right?

What’s interesting here is that there’s another melting display of ice, another missing Bigfoot (this one named “Bert”), and another patch of fur left behind.

To be fair, Max totally did say that when the pair go to the Mystery Vortex. Sometimes he’s pretty insightful, our little insane rabbit.

Also tucked inside the Mystery Vortex is another mole man, this one running on a hamster wheel rather than watching TV. He’s also a scooch psychic, so he offers to help point Sam and Max in the direction of Bruno the Bigfoot.

All paths lead to Frog Rock, where a UFO appears with yet another mole man who tells the pair to head to Bumpusville. Even with clear direction, they’re both disappointed that “Frog Rock” doesn’t look anything like a frog.

The next stop on this bizarre road trip is Bumpusville, the home of the world’s greatest country music star. “If we ever get this rich and famous, I want you to shoot me, Sam,” Max quips.

Inside the mansion, a bunch of talking animal heads spin the legend of John Muir, who was really big in the animal world. It’s pretty funny that Max is seeing all of this, but Sam doesn’t hear a thing and thinks Max is just being inconsiderate of dead animals.

Hey, it’s Bruno and Trixie — and they’re being held captive by Conroy Bumpus, who performs a whole musical number to sing about how he loves to capture the most strange and bizarre animals. When all of the animal heads on the wall started singing like Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, I lost it.

“That was gratuitous,” said Max.

“Sorry,” replied Sam.

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