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Sims 4: The story of Gorp and Jetta

I’ve been neglecting my retro gaming during my lunch break this past week in favor of getting some Sims 4 time in. The idea of creating a new dollhouse and maybe actually playing it for any length of time is appealing, especially considering how much content that I’ve unlocked so far.

So here’s my new family: The Grizzles. Gorp here is an aspiring writer who’s a bit childish and is totally not based on any internet-famous bloggers you might read. Not in the slightest.

Gorp’s wife is Jetta, who is a neat freak criminal mastermind. I liked the idea of making her stylish in contrast with Gorp’s laid-back flannel life. Oh, and I gave them a dog:

Meet Kip, the Boston Terrier! Check out that amazing scarf!

My first stab at building them a house (not pictured) was terrible. I couldn’t figure out a good theme, the design was bland, and I ended up so frustrated that I trashed it and started over. This time I’m going with a 64-square (for the bonuses) spooky-ish victorian mini-mansion. No lights in here except candles, no sirree!

Figuring out the layout is always the hardest part for me, because you *have* to have certain types of objects and make sure that there’s enough room for all of them. I ended up with the above five-room design that incorporated a front hallway, a small living room, a very small bathroom, a fairy light bedroom, and a dining room and kitchen that connected via arches. That’s the meat-and-potatoes right there without any of the touches. Heck, I don’t even have flooring and paint up yet!

I added wallpaper and paint. I don’t normally like darker houses, but here it seems appropriate and goes well with the candle sconces. I went with a purple print wallpaper in the hallway and dining room, a lighter purple for the bedroom, dark blood red for the bathroom, and a lighter (yet olde fashioned) wallpaper for the kitchen. I used curtain fringes for the front hallway to make them a little more claustrophobic.

At this point I started working room-by-room through the house. First up was the tiny bathroom, which I tried to give some personality without overloading it. Some cracks in the walls and a creepy portrait over the sink seemed to be the right touch.

Well, it’s a start at least!

One thought on “Sims 4: The story of Gorp and Jetta

  1. I love playing the SIMs 4. I will go in there with the mind set of only for an hour or two, and end up 4 hours later. It’s so much fun to even just build. I get a lot of my inspiration from googling up Tiny home ideas, etc.

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