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10 (non-MMO) games I’m looking forward to playing in 2021

Even though my gaming backlog is a mighty beast indeed, and even though I have a wide assortment of MMOs to play at any given time, it’s still fun to anticipate what’s coming down the conveyor belt of development. Today I want to rattle off 10 non-MMO games that I’m looking forward to playing (if they do indeed release this year).

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

I’m really intrigued at the notion of a revamped Mass Effect series. It’s been a long time since I played these games, and I never finished the third title or even picked up Andromeda. A full remaster would be an excellent excuse to go back through the whole trilogy start to finish.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2

I just went through the original game a year or so ago, and even though vampires and super-dark settings aren’t my thing, I do like the world building here and the thought of a deep CRPG to sink my… mind into.

12 Minutes

This unique single-room timeloop game has a lot of folks interested, yours truly included.

Age of Empires IV

I can’t remember the last time I was excited about an RTS game coming out, but yes, I’ll be there on day one for a new Age of Empires game! I just hope we hear more about this soon.

Everspace 2

I have the first one and haven’t played it (probably should), but the Privateer-like sequel does look like it would hit the spot for a space sim craving I’ve been having.

Open Roads

A road trip adventure game with mystery and relationship drama? Sure. I’m in.

Chinatown Detective Agency

Cyberpunk is real big right now for some reason, so it’s cool we’ll have some more options in the future for this setting such as CDA. It looks to be a pixel art adventure game.

Road 96

I really love road trip games, and this one caught my attention with its visuals and high replayability factor.


If Chucklefish can do for Harry Potter with Witchbrook what it did for Harvest Moon with Stardew Valley, it’ll sell millions. And I’ll be one of those customers.


The SpaceQuest guys were supposed to release this spiritual successor last year, didn’t happen, so maybe in 2021?

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