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6 things I’m excited to see in Burning Crusade Classic

I’m really hoping that when BlizzCon rolls out next month, we’ll be getting that official Burning Crusade Classic announcement we’ve been expecting. It’s not a sure thing, nor a sure thing for *2021*, but I feel that the odds are pretty strongly in its favor of both being true.

Assuming that it is coming (this summer?), here are six things I’m excited to see when it rolls out:


I do love my blue space goats and will probably do the same thing I did at TBC’s launch back in 2007, which is to make a Draenei Shaman the second the servers open up. Their looks, racials, and class options make this an amazing race to have.

Better questing flow

As I’ve been dabbling back in Classic, I have to say that even following a guide is painful in trying to get enough quests to actually level. Burning Crusade introduced the now-standard questing hub model of WoW, and it transformed the experience for me in a good way.

Faster dungeons

I have little to no desire to slog through vanilla dungeons, but TBC? Yeah, I’m down for those. They’re shorter, more visually interesting, and offer better rewards. Of course, I’ll complain that there’s no LFG, but I’m sure spamming zone chat will be just as fun.

Condensed playerbase

Vanilla’s world is almost too open and spread out, and I miss having that expansion land contraction that pens everyone in to a smaller amount of space. More specifically, I miss seeing more people running around and being available for activities.

Better rewards

From gear to flying mounts to pets, Burning Crusade had a lot of great carrots to keep us playing. Although I’m sure I’ll still never get my firefly pet!

The zone design

Sure, TBC has some horribly ugly zones, but Hellfire Peninsula is so iconic and there are at least three additional zones that are very pretty (Zang, Nagrand, and Terrokar). I genuinely liked these zones back in the day and still do, which makes a big difference when you’re spending this much time questing in them.

More class progression

Getting those extra talents is great, and I wish that Blizzard had figured out how to continue with the talent tree from here. And considering that I’m playing a Warlock, I’ll be looking forward to getting my ol’ Felguard back!

2 thoughts on “6 things I’m excited to see in Burning Crusade Classic

  1. The entire early era of WoW where levels still made a difference and talent trees were a thing represents a far superior game to Retail from my point of view. I will probably sub up for BC classic, and maybe even WotLK classic when they get to that.

    For me the real question is how many expansions era are popular enough to sustain a set of servers locked there forever. Are there 10,0000 wierdos out there that would hang out on a Catacysm server? Surely no-one wants a WoD server?

  2. I would have to imagine that Blizz would probably stop the Classic servers at Wrath. And I imagine a lot of people would be more than fine with that.

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