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WoW Classic: Another year, another Warlock

In response to both the general restlessness I’ve had with gaming lately and my increasing thoughts as to Burning Crusade Classic, I indulged the fancy of heading back into WoW Classic. I haven’t dithered in this since before Shadowlands, but right now, the thought of the simplistic gameplay had great appeal. Like a hot cup of chicken soup when you’re plowing through a cold.

And since I knew I had to have a Warlock for TBC, I went ahead and started a new one (I guess I deleted my old one? I did look!). I hopped onto the Mankrik server and started leveling up all over again, making headway without any resources or help.

That initial few days when there’s a pile of things that need to be done to set up the character — get gear, get skills, get professions, train weapons, snag flight points — is overwhelming is also kind of the best, too. It forces me to slow down, to be efficient, and to prioritize what I can and should be doing right at the moment.

As luck would have it, I fell in with a guild right away, which was also on my “must dos” list. I’m still evaluating how friendly and chatty these people are, but they’re reasonably helpful enough. One made me a full set of bags while another ran across a couple of zones to bring me a wand that he or she thought would be helpful in my early levels.

Because boy, that 1-10 run is rough on a Warlock. At least it was until I got a wand. I died a whole lot, because the imp can’t hold aggro and I didn’t have any survival skills yet. But once I got things like fear, healthstones, and my voidwalker Grimmy, life got a whole lot better.

I’m following this leveling guide, since I like the feeling of being efficient and having the author hanging out with me to show me the ropes. There’s a lot of zone hopping and very, very slow runs from one place to another, but I’m using that time to crank up the ambient volume and reminisce about the little touches — the feel — of WoW that was so enchanting all those years ago back in 2004.

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