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I’m going on an MMO rerolling frenzy

You ever look at yourself, at what you’re doing, and think, “You’re so crazy! But I love you! Go for it?” The observer side of me has been doing that this whole past week as my gamer side is getting downright wacky. The reason for this split mind is that I’ve been rerolling characters left and right lately.

I’ve started over in WoW Classic. I’ve made a World of Warcraft mage to level (a first for me). I’ve even rerolled as a Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online, and I’m contemplating a brand-new LOTRO character too.

Maybe it’s the new year finally kicking in? A desire for fresh starts and shaking things up?

I don’t think there’s any shame in rerolling. Most of the time it doesn’t pan out (which is why you should never delete your high level characters, kids — you’ll regret that), but once in a while… once in a while it does. Once in a while you’ll discover an appreciation for a new class or a connection with a certain character or a social experience that’ll keep you gaming for the long haul.

And even if this is just an exercise in temporary whimsy — what’s wrong with that? There’s something refreshing and exciting about making brand-new characters, of sniffing that “do over” smell, of shaking off the routine and the characters you’ve been inhabiting for 200 hours and seeing something different. Even if it’s just for a day or two.

I think I need that right now. The winter doldrums are hitting pretty hard (moreso than in the past due to the lack of activities to do outside of our home), and I need something to look forward to at the end of the day. New projects — like a new character — can be a short-term solution for that.

5 thoughts on “I’m going on an MMO rerolling frenzy

  1. Nothing like “shaking things up” by re-playing 7, 10, 15 year old games.

    This is the problem with the genre… the players are the ones holding it back by willfully thinking that repeating decades and decades of gameplay is ok. Why should they innovate? They’v got suckers.

  2. “Why should they innovate?” I’ve played a lot of Uno, Monopoly, and Risk through the years. They’re fun, or can be, at least.

    Anyway, in the theme of Syp’s post, both Scooter and I have rolled up new characters in GW2. I finally have at least one of each, with my new Guardian. I had one close to launch, but never really liked her. I think it’s because she was Charr. I’ve struggled with my Charr Engineer, but I feel she at least makes sense. But, I’m loving the Guardian; not sure if because the newish mechanics or because he’s my first male Sylvari.

  3. Every once in a while i see a video or post like this about lotro and makes me want to reroll.

    None of my characters ever reached Moria.

    But still, its charm is again luring me in.

    Same goes for Star Trek online, swtor, wow classic (trying hard to hold off till tbc to start fresh dwarf hunter..)

    Starting fresh is always more enjoyable for me than trying to get a +something mythix key in wow.

    Have fun !!

    While i wait for my next mmo reroll, im trying out Dyson Sphere Program.

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