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WoW: Torghast is good — but a little more would make it great

As things have shaken out and settled in Shadowlands, I’ve found that the activity that I enjoy the most from this expansion is Torghast. It’s a genuinely good idea — and a good design — that offers repeatable content that changes itself up a bit, options for difficulty levels and grouping, and is very easy for the average player to grasp and enjoy.

I’m never at a loss for where to go in a Torghast level, and the mechanics of grabbing and buying more of these power orbs is pretty straight-forward. Those orbs are what makes these runs a blast, because you get to craft a new overpowered class build as you go along, picking and choosing between these abilities. By the end floor, I’ve ended up with some ludicrous build that would be so OP out in the world but works well here. Everyone seems to love sharing their favorite powers and laughing at how it changes these runs when you can hop really high, or do insane damage, or pull out tons of pets, or make rats explode.

And while Torghast is good, it’s not great. It has the potential to get there, but it’s not there quite yet. Here are my two big suggestions how to make Torghast amazing:

Suggestion the first: Add lots of fun rewards

The lack of Torghast rewards, aside from soul ash and the measly four things you can get from the Twisting Corridors version, is severely felt on every run. We get no gear from here, no toys, no pets, no cosmetics, nothing. This expansion is very skimpy on rewards in general, but this is a desert.

Reportedly during the beta, Torghast bosses had loot, but Blizzard yanked that for whatever reason. It’s so sad that island expeditions from Battle For Azeroth had better loot than this genuinely good roguelike dungeon.

Suggestion the second: Let us leave and return

Once you’re in a Torghast run, you best finish it up or else you’ll have to redo the entire thing from scratch. It’s not a trivial time investment to run these, especially on higher tiers and through the Twisting Corridors, and more than one player has begged Blizzard to allow a bookmark or some sort of level save feature so that they could have the option to log or zone out and return later on to pick up where they left off.

Again, there’s *so much potential* for Torghast that it’ll be a crying shame if Blizzard doesn’t realize its potential. Add new floor types. Throw in new power orbs. Let us save our builds, even! But if just those two suggestions got addressed, I think we’d have a bonafide winner on our hands.

2 thoughts on “WoW: Torghast is good — but a little more would make it great

  1. Agree with both suggestions. Particularly think the ability to leave and return (something akin to the optional ‘extend raid lockout’, perhaps) would be desirable for the Twisting Coridoors run. There are plenty of people who have the skill/gear to complete the runs but not the solid chunks of time required.

    My main hope though is that Torghast is an option that continues to be developed as the expansion goes on. New powers, new wings, new events (like that pet/dog event earlier on!), etc.

  2. We’ve done Twisting Corridors for the first, and possibly, only time. It is way too long for my tastes. Saving progress on a normal run would be a good idea, by the fourth floor I’m usually getting bored with the slog.

    Gear is another big issue I have with it – I’ve heard/read comments in several places that Torghast should have gear rewards, and I’d say that’s sorely needed to keep it relevant. If not gear drops then let us save up the currency for randomised gear tokens, like we had in Nazjatar et al in previous expansions – another way to gear alts would be welcome I feel.

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