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LOTRO: The sun dawns over the Shire once more

It’s been a few months since I’ve been in Lord of the Rings Online, at least regularly, and I’ve felt the tug-tug-tug of affection drawing me back in. But as I’m still not willing to pay actual cash for the War of the Three Peaks and I have lost interest in trying to keep up with the progression server, I figured a fresh start was in the cards for me.

At least I learned how much I really loved the Minstrel on the progression server, so that was my go-to pick in starting over. I have to say that during the character creation process, I was pleasantly surprised how good the updated avatar graphics looked. Maybe I didn’t give them enough credit the first time around, but they really aren’t half-bad.

And honestly, I needed a winter vacation back to the Shire. This game is very much my MMO home, and the Shire is my old bedroom that holds so many fond memories of younger me. I’m not trying to speed level or push myself to catch up in any way — that way lies madness — but to simply enjoy each zone and story as they are.

I also ran pies. And mail. But that’s what you get when you go back home: chores.

Figured that this was as good a picture as any to sum up how I am as an MMO player. I’m always in over my head and fleeing for my life. It’s a good cario workout, at least.

When I pulled out my anniversary pig pet, I got a laugh at the name here. This very week, I started reading the Chronicles of Prydain to my kids with Dallben and his pig, Hen Wen. Clever nod, here.

And what’s LOTRO without it’s amazing community? I’ve been reconnecting with my chatty and helpful guild, and I loved bumping into a band when I ran into the Bird and Baby Inn to drop off a quest. They put on a really rocking show — I stayed for a good 15 minutes to hear a few of their songs.

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