LOTRO: Powering up in the Wastes

Using a level 105 Gift of the Valar in LOTRO doesn’t mean that I am instantly on easy street. In fact, dumping me right at the threshold of Mordor has raised a lot of trepidation in me, because I had such a rough time going through it a few years ago. So my overarching goal has become to level up as much as possible in the Wastes to get an advantage over Mordor mobs before I head in.

Thus, I’ve been taking my time to do every quest in the area and work on deeds all while popping every experience booster and rested XP boost I have. And I’ve accumulated a whole lot of those, since I never really needed them on my max level character. As a result, I’ve shot from level 105 to 110 in under a week, and I’m feeling much more confident about the task ahead.

I probably need to head in anyway, because Mordor is the gauntlet that needs to be run before the zones get all pretty and peaceful again. I’ve got a good toolkit with the Minstrel, including shields, heals, first age LIs, a couple of flops (never discount the usefulness of a good Hobbit flop, I say), and even a stealth ability. I’m able to mow down packs of mobs provided that they don’t put too many diseases and bleeds on me all at once.

Of course the big question mark in my future plans is the fact that LOTRO is currently testing Update 29 and the new Wildwood region of Bree-land. I know that I’m going to want to — and need to, for writing purposes — go through that area when it comes out, which is looking to be within the month. SSG never tests things for very long. I might do a back-and-forth thing where I spend a bit of time every day doing Wildwood while continuing to press through Mordor.

If I can make some good progress through Mordor, at least get the first zone done by the end of the month, I’ll feel like I’m staying on track. Finish up Mordor by the end of March, do Mirkwood/Dale/Iron Hills in April and May, then the Vales and Minas Morgul this summer. That’ll put me in a good spot to play Gundabad this fall.

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