LOTRO: Turbo boosting through Mordor

Spoilers: Gollum dies!

It still feels so weird that the very start of the Mordor expansion is the end of the main storyline of Return of the King. Like, it should be over… but in LOTRO, it’s not. It’s just moving into a new phase.

After treading water and building up to level 112 in the Wastes, I finally pushed into Mordor proper. Initially, I had the best of intentions of getting all of the quests done — especially since I was over-leveled enough to steamroll mobs — but after a few days, I felt the drab landscape get to me. Mordor simply isn’t exciting or stimulating in a way that sparks my imagination, so just like last time, it became this bog trying to suck me down.

I think even the developers knew this, which is why the main storyline keeps pulling you out of Mordor to run across Middle-earth for various chores. It’s a visual and tonal reprieve before you have to plunge back into the Mother of All Volcano Zones.

By Day Four of Mordor, I said, “Forget this!” and decided that my level advantage meant that I could simply ignore everything other than the epics. I’m not going to miss out on any significant rewards from all of the side quests, and this way I can just stick to a main storyline that should get me through Mordor as (relatively) quickly as possible.

Hey, it’s a refugee from Dungeons and Dragons Online! Man, the artists did not give you a lot of love, did they sweetie?

As I write this, I’m level 113, and the maximum level of content in Mordor is 115, so I think I’ll be just fine if I take this track. I’ll start re-engaging with regular questing in Northern Mirkwood and Dale-lands and push to get to level 130.

It also helps that I have two fully imbued first age LIs, so my power level is in a good place. Just 16 more zones to go, and I’ll be caught up with the latest content!

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