Syp’s gaming goals for March 2021

February 2021 in review

  • Heh, looking back over my previously stated goals for the month, while the games I played mostly stayed true, what I did in them varied greatly across the board.
  • So let’s talk about the biggest change, which is that I stepped away from retail World of Warcraft entirely. I’m not feeling it any more with Shadowlands and don’t want to keep logging in for the sake of getting chores done. Patch 9.1 isn’t calling to me in the least, and I have plenty of other things to do, so I’m fine with this decision.
  • In Lord of the Rings Online, I level-boosted my Landroval Minstrel to 105 and started a madcap dash to get her caught up — at least in levels and through the main epic story. As of this writing, I’m still slugging it out through Mordor, which is just as wearying as the last time I was here. I am also officially done with the progression server.
  • Burning Crusade Classic’s announcement at BlizzConline certainly fueled an already hot streak of WoW Classic gameplay. While I didn’t get my Warlock to 40 (I’m just level 29), at least I made some good progress and have the anticipation of the expansion to drive my enthusiasm.
  • And I certainly did a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. Most nights, I’d log in, do a full quest chain or two as well as a random daily dungeon run. I’ve actually reached the highest level I’ve ever been in this game (38), even though I’m not fully through the first regular-sized zone. There’s so much to do here!
  • I’ll admit that I totally slacked in doing retro gaming this month. I’ve built up such a lead that I can afford to take time off, but still, I felt a little bad about it.

March 2021’s gaming goals

  • I really don’t anticipate changing my current course or the three MMOs I’m playing, but hey, we all know how plans tend to go!
  • For WoW Classic, I really want to hit level 40 at a bare minimum and get my mount. I’m so tired of running! If I can close out the month in the mid-40s, I’d be even happier.
  • For Lord of the Rings Online, getting through Mordor on the epic and at least making good headway through Northern Mirkwood and Dale-lands. Top goal there is to finish Dale-lands (epic book is mandatory, side quests and deeds optional).
  • And for Elder Scrolls Online, I’m gunning for level 50! No other big goals at the moment other than to keep momentum going. I would like to deck out a house, I’ve been putting that off.
  • Over on mobile, I’ve been playing some Cat Quest, so I wouldn’t mind getting deeper into that. Previously I’ve only lightly played it, and it’s such a good action RPG that it deserves more investigation.
  • Finally, for retro gaming, I want to get in at least two more posts about Torchlight II. I haven’t decided if I’m finishing the game or not, but it is a lot of fun!

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