Rimworld: Even the dog gets it

(This is part of my journey going playing through 2016’s Rimworld. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

As you can see in the picture above, Lozano has been battered like crazy following two raids and two elk attacks — and he’s the better of the two. Wallis tended to him with his last bit of energy before collapsing himself and bleeding all over the carpet.

I don’t know, folks. I really don’t know. I don’t think there’s a way that I can pull this colony through this mess. They’re freezing, they’re starving, and they’re on the doorstep of death.

The first day of fall arrives for our sad colony, and Lozano wakes up from his medical coma to rush to Wallis’ bedside and frantically tend to his wounds. At this point, Wallis was five hours away from bleeding out completely.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Lozano snaps again, this time deciding to slaughter the base’s little puppy dog, Connor. Dang Rimworld, just when I think you’ve gone as dark as you can, you push it a little further. Did I mention that Connor was Lozano’s dog and the two were bonded to each other?

The next day is a total joy, too. Wallis throws a temper tantrum and breaks a bunch of stuff, a raid injures Lozano even more, and a fire breaks out on the fields. There’s also a timber wolf stalking the base, hungry and waiting.

Food stores going into fall are 84 units of potatoes, 40 units of rice, one dead elk, and one dead dog. No more pre-packaged survival meals. There’s not much either of them can do, either, because they’re in such pain that they spend most of the day resting and depleting what few medical supplies are left. I really need them to go out and harvest what berries and healroot they can find scattered all over the map.

I really, *really* need another colonist.

Hey, whatcha doin’ there, Wallis? Butchering your former loyal pet for a few pounds of meat and some leather scraps? Alrighty, then. Probably a good thing that Lozano has gone catatonic for a few days.

Wallis has to feed Lazono in this state, and Lozano gets food poisoning from the berries that he’s fed. I can’t catch a break in this playthrough, I swear.

Wallis actually gets a day of good work done, butchering animals and even hunting down an elk. As the weather turns colder, I try his hand at making a jacket (for whatever reason, I can’t make parkas with elk or dog leather). This, naturally, makes him snap mentally and he wanders around in a daze. At least Lozano wakes up from his coma, healed and ready to do stuff.

Stuff like getting hunted by a timber wolf! I can’t help but think that Lozano deeply hates me for everything I’ve been putting him through, intentional or not. For whatever reason, however, the wolf loses interest and wanders by. Whew.

As the first snow of the season arrives, a transport pod crashes nearby with a guy named Bentley on board. We rescue him and hope that he’ll like us enough to join the colony. Plan B is to arrest him if he tries to leave and then start the recruitment process. Sorry, but I really need another hand around here.

And, wonder of wonders, Bentley joins up! It may be cold, it may be snowing, but I’ve got a third colonist and it looks like we might be getting operations back on track. Is there hope for this colony after all?

3 thoughts on “Rimworld: Even the dog gets it

  1. Pierre B. March 3, 2021 / 2:54 pm

    I really enjoy reading your Rimworld stories Justin. I think I’m starting to be addicted as I’m waiting for them quite avidly now. And I must admit this time, it made me realize that 2020 was not so bad, not so bad at all, almost a very good year indeed! 🙂

  2. Gamera977 March 4, 2021 / 12:46 pm

    I guess 2020 wasn’t so bad indeed- I wasn’t attacked by an army of elk!

    Your colony seems to have been going about as well as the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. I’m really rooting for you to pull this off somehow! Thanks for sticking with it instead of just starting over (which I think I would have done by now).

  3. Syp March 4, 2021 / 8:03 pm

    It’s easily one of the roughest runs I’ve encountered in the game, but it made for good storytelling.

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