WoW Classic: Alliance’s Tirisfal Glades substitute

Lately in WoW Classic, I’ve spent a lot of time questing and grinding my way through Duskwood. In relation to all of the original zones of the game, Duskwood is very high up on my personal favorites — a top five, for sure, and maybe a top three.

There’s so much I like about this zone, but I’ll start with its theming. While Horde has its pure Halloween zone in Tirisfal Glades, Alliance has an equivalent in Duskwood. I have to imagine that it’s designed as a sister zone in a lot of ways, sharing the music and a whole lot of art assets.

It’s just a wonderfully gloomy zone, especially after the sunny and welcoming Human starter lands of Elwynn, Westfall, and Red Ridge. Plunging into Duskwood always felt like taking a significant step deeper into the frontier of the game, even though it does have a full-fledged town going on there.

There’s some nice lighting, a whole heaping of horror monsters (ghosts, werewolves, skeletons, ghouls), two cemeteries, and a crypt. It was always a hoot to see Stitches going on a rampage toward the town, and I liked — and still like — that it’s a good zone for general mining and grinding. Some of the mobs drop a whole lot of stuff compared to many others in Classic, and I needed to save up anyway.

I’ve been trying to make some progress on Engineering as I’ve leveled, but it is slow going. I am at 136/300, making bombs and decoy traps and some nice goggles, but I’m still a long ways away from my true goal, which is to build devices that I can keep and reuse. I’ve taken breaks from questing just to grind ore and build up a supply, but that’s also put a huge burden on my bank space. I’ve shelled out money for three bank extension slots, but at this point that’s it — I need to build up a big cash reserve for the future.

Another thing I’ve been doing is some guild shopping. I was in a nice enough guild, but it was one of those mega-guild dealies where the focus was more on numbers than relationships, and I felt lost in the crowd. So if you hear of anything worthwhile on Alliance Mankrik, give me a call!

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