Ranking LOTRO classes I don’t have time to play

I count myself fortunate that I have settled on a class — the Minstrel — that I thoroughly enjoy in Lord of the Rings Online. Apart from combat pets, it really has everything I want out of a class, and I’m looking forward to adventuring with it into the future.

That said, I — like many people — see other classes running around and wonder what it’d be like to play those. I have tried out a few others, but there are a chunk that I’ve never even rolled up. So for today’s thought exercise, I wanted to rank the classes that I’ve never really played to any great extent (which excludes the Minstrel, Captain, and Lore-master) in the order of least interested to most interested (if, you know, I had the time).

Least interested: Guardian

Not only are Guardians in a really sad state right now in the live game, they just don’t have a playstyle that appeals to me in the least. If I wanted a shield-using character, there are at least two other classes that have far more interesting mechanics.


Champions also suffer from Generic Class Syndrome (GCS) in my mind. They’re great if you want a damage-dealing melee fighter, but that’s almost never what I want. Hard pass.


Warden gets high marks for style — javelins and spears aren’t typical weapon choices in MMOs — and the combo system is hotbar-friendly and rather unique. But it also requires some memorization, and whenever I’ve tried one, I simply don’t have the patience to get all of the patterns committed to memory.


People seem to love Beornings, and the notion of a shapeshifter is always cool. After all, I really did like my WoW Druid. But I don’t see a huge appeal in playing a bear, nor in being a class that’s mostly all melee. Cool concept, though.


What’s always held me back from Rune-keepers is how odd they seem in the context of this low-magic setting, but whenever I’ve watched one in action, I can’t deny I’m attracted to the playstyle. Lots of flashy spell effects — and totems to boot! But do I really want to be a cloth-wearing Dwarf running around with rocks in his hand?


Burglars always seem like the underdogs in LOTRO. They’re never the most desired nor represented, but I have a soft spot for the idea of a dual dagger-wielding Hobbit slicing and dicing through enemies. I like their tricks and ability to stealth, but the sound effects are atrocious.

Most interested: Hunter

Hunters are vastly overrepresented in LOTRO, which is probably the only thing that would hold me back from playing one. The decoy dummies, ranged combat, extra map skills, and faster movement are all huge pluses for the class. They offer low-key playstyle, and that’s not to be underestimated.

2 thoughts on “Ranking LOTRO classes I don’t have time to play

  1. pkudude99 March 5, 2021 / 4:16 pm

    When I got into LotRO a bit last year I took every class to 23 to see about getting a feel for them. From your list my own thoughts are:

    Guardian — yeah, not a pleasant experience. Too many dps skills proc off a parry or block to feel like it’s got any kind of consistency.

    Champion — generic melee dps. Took until the late teens to really feel like it had any kind of decent damage output either.

    Warden — same boat as you — too much memorization for “optimum patterns” — I CBA to bother.

    Beorning — I don’t like the bear-form swap, and it always messed up my hotbars on each form shift also. I get why the bars change, but I hate that it does it. Seemed like you could mostly just dps in man form and heal in bear form… or was that vice versa? Either way…. didn’t really do it for me either.

    Runekeeper — I actually quite enjoyed this one, following the “Yellow Line” so that I could keep mobility while still having range. I got one up to level 47, IIRC, but felt like I was just repeating content I’d already done with my main, so decided to just focus on my main after that.

    Burglar — I’ve never been fond of the rogue-style classes in any mmo. This was no different.

    Hunter — This was actually my main. I initially did “blue line” for mobility, but in the 50’s found that the dps output of the “red line” surpassed blue so much that it was better to just turret it up at that point. The simplicity of the gameplay was the draw for me though — I play games to relax, not “for a challenge.”

    FWIW —

    Captain — ‘Twas fine, but I never quite got hooked on it, despite it sounding on paper like it’s everything I was looking for in a class.

    Lore-Master — overall it felt like it put a bit more emphasis on CC than on damage and when solo this felt like a hindrance, so I just faded away from it.

    Minstrel — a mobile ranged damage-dealer with self-heals? Sign me up! Except as I noted on other classes…. it somehow just didn’t “feel right” to me. No idea why — on paper it sounds right up my alley.

  2. Syp March 6, 2021 / 8:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing!

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