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Pet classing without pets in WoW Classic

I don’t do a lot of tinkering around with my build in WoW Classic because of that exponentially increasing respec cost. I’ve done it only twice on this character, and I have promised myself that I won’t again until Burning Crusade launches and I can get my Felguard.

But in the last respec, I did invest down into the Demo tree and I got to a talent that I’ve never, ever used in my entire World of Warcraft career — demonic sacrifice. The idea here is that you can hit this button to kill your pet and gain a beneficial trait. Of course, the thought of deliberately killing my pet kind of goes against the whole concept of a pet class, so I’ve just never looked at it.

Until recently.

I was in Swamp of Sorrows and my Voidwalker was failing to hold taunt, as he normally does. He’s like the *worst* pet tank in Classic, I swear. So I’m getting railed on, and without a healthstone up, I was going to kill my VW for its shield. Instead, in that moment, I hit demonic sacrifice instead, expecting a short-term heal-over-time. What I got was so much more.

I guess I’ve never really read the tooltip closely, because this buff lasts for a whopping 30 minutes (or until you summon another pet). And when it’s the VW who does, the buff returns something like 4% of your max health every four seconds. It’s not insubstantial, let me tell you. In a game where the health and mana regen is so painfully slow, suddenly I’m watching my health soar right back up in practically no time at all.

That opened a whole new world for me, a world where I would just adventure without my pet — which wasn’t a good pet anyway. I started playing with this buff on, and let me tell you, it’s been FANTASTIC. I’m doing normal DPS, but I’m very hard to kill thanks to my health regen. I don’t have to sit for food, and since I can life tap this ever-increasing health bar for more mana, I don’t have to sit for drink either. I’m just always going.

Sure, I’ll respec and get my Felguard for TBC and that’ll be that, but for now, this is a really enjoyable way to play Classic. Maybe it’s subpar in a way that I don’t see, but I’m having a great time, so I don’t really care what the min-maxers say.

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