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Deck builder roguelikes: Meteorfall and Slay the Spire

There’s been a rise of deck-building roguelikes in the gaming sphere over the past few years, a trend that gets my approval. I do like card battling games in general, although not so much the expensive and grindy collectable card versions, so playing these gives me a card fix without having to spend a lot of money on boosters.

So the idea of these types of games is that you go through a series of battles with a class and a deck of cards that offer abilities and attacks and whatnot. Since your health is a running concern (it isn’t normally reset between battles), it’s important to figure out ways to rest up while still engaging in fights.

As you progress in these games, you get more cards to add to your deck, ways to upgrade said cards to more powerful levels, and choices between beneficial or unknown bonuses. Ultimately, you face off against a huge boss and either make it or your don’t. And even if you do die, you retain some measure of class or currency progress so that you have unlocks to make future runs easier.

Two of these types of games that I’ve been playing lately are Meteorfall and Slay the Spire. Meteorfall is an excellent phone game with goofy cartoon art and a good sense of humor. It’s pretty challenging, and I do like to experiment with the different classes to see which one works for me best. For example, the Necromancer can activate summon skills that throw extra cards in the *enemy’s* deck that, if drawn, does them damage. That’s a pretty clever way to do minions without putting minions on a board.

I also picked up Slay the Spire for tablets (since that version was cheaper than the Steam one). This one offers multiple enemies and attack animations, but I’ve been kind of underwhelmed considering the extreme praise it’s gotten. Like, it’s decent, but it’s not as addictive as I was expecting.

2 thoughts on “Deck builder roguelikes: Meteorfall and Slay the Spire

  1. Have you unlocked any characters beyond Ironclad? I found the game opened up quite a bit once I could play as the Silent.

    Beyond that, for me the addictiveness comes from the sheer polish of the gameplay. I’ve probably played at least 10+ similar titles while waiting for the Android release and none of them hit the same notes. Like they could be fun, but degenerate into absurd combos really early on. Slay the Spire meanwhile is almost always fair. There are bad outcomes, but on reflection there are things that I could have done differently, made a different card choice, etc.

    Also, weirdly, I find it enjoyable watching other people stream the game on occasion.

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