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Elder Scrolls Online: I am the champion of the wor… of Glenumbra!

I really haven’t been in any hurry to move on from Glenumbra until I felt like I had gotten everything I wanted to out of this zone. Thanks to going through each and every storyline and getting in my daily dungeons — with an XP scroll running — I hit level 50 before I was even done with my character’s very first full-sized zone in this game! That seems a little weird to me, but never matter, at least I can get gear that I won’t be replacing every two minutes.

It also helps that Glenumbra is a largely pleasant place to adventure. I did all of the skyshards, delves, questlines, and the mini-world bosses (whatever they call those). I was kind of surprised that one of the champion mobs granted me a new costume, but hey, I ain’t complaining!

So it’s probably time to say farewell to Daggerfall and move on to wherever my questlog demands. I feel that I’m finally in a very good place in this game, with a solid build and a better understanding of how you milk all of the goodness out of a region.

It also means that I’m starting in on champion points, coincidentally right after they did a huge overhaul to the system. I think that right now it goes up to a ridiculous number, like in the 800s, so there’s going to be a lot of room for improvement. I’m finding that I’m getting CPs frequently in my adventures, and so I’m investing them wherever I think looks the most interesting without worrying about being slavish toward a build.

Blackwood is right around the corner, of course, and with it companions. I’m definitely planning on moving on to that expansion zone this summer, because I’m all about having a second pet (no offense, big bear). And, you know, hopefully the zone and its stories are engaging as well.

2 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online: I am the champion of the wor… of Glenumbra!

  1. 2 things. CP used to go to 810 I think. Now it goes much higher… 3600 I think? Something like that.

    Also, unfortunately you’ll still be replacing gear constantly. Until you hit CP 160, the gear scaling continues. Though, it won’t take too long to get to 160 CP points come fast and furious at first.

  2. Yea. CP3600 is the cap now. But you really don’t need it. While you can skill a lot of stuff, you can only slot four stars from each path. So, yes, if you plan to be able to fill every dungeon role on one character, you will want to cap it out.

    If you set up your character for one role only (and have other characters, if you plan to do serious group content), you don’t really need that much. In a way, it for me seems to be a baby-version of the old (original) TSW, where you also were able to succeed with only learning a small fraction of the wheel, but in the long run you wanted it all, for maximum flexibility.

    But unlike in TSW, the new CP system in ESO is not as obscure, with hidden synergies and the likes. Instead, you can see what the stars do, have clearly visible breakpoints, much more accessible. I like most of the new system, although i think that some of the things in the green branch should be passives instead of having to be slotted.

    I mean, faster harvesting vs. a bit more materials when you salvage equipment etc… these are quality of live things, not combat related. And many players even switch them around, put the crafting things in when crafting, else they run the harvesting upgrades. So exactly the quality of live branch is the most inconvenient of them all.

    But in the end, that’s a minor thing, generally the new CP system is better than the old one, much easier to understand, you just have to know that you really don’t need to cap it out to be good.

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