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Sunday Serenade: Roa, Mitch Murder, and more!

Time for another Sunday morning dose of random songs that I’ve been listening to this past week! Welcome to Sunday Serenade — now let’s crank the jams up with… 

“2am” by Roa — Totally relaxing and entrancing.

“Palm Beach” by Peyruis — Perfect vibes for the upcoming summer.

“Unbreakable” by Keiino — Pop perfection.

“Where We Rise” by NEONI — Quite the epic power anthem!

“The Underground” by Meg Myers — Kind of feel like this has a very 1990s sound to it. Like The Cranberries or something.

“Summer of Heat” by Mitch Murder — You keep that spirit of the 1980s alive, you crazy serial killer you!

“At All” by Moonrunner83 — Speaking of catchy synthwave tracks, here’s a nice one!

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