Kickin’ it in LOTRO’s mission system

Now that I can finally buy the War of the Three Peaks DLC with LOTRO points (side eyes to SSG), I not only have a full collection of content in the game once more, but I can participate in the newish mission system.

The studio was really talking up missions at one point, mostly because it’s “mini-expansion” had so few “features” that it was “embarrassing.” But now that I’ve gone through a dozen or so, I can confidently say that these are pretty much mini-skirmishes. Just little, on-demand quest instances where you can pop in, get stuff done in about 10-15 minutes, and be done with it while getting some currency, XP, and regular loot drops.

It’s nothing mindbendingly amazing — but it’s also kind of nice. Like, it’s a good quality-of-life feature that offers an option for play if you don’t have a lot of time, or don’t want to be reading through blocks of narrative text, or need a catch-up XP mechanism. I do like that these missions scale to your level, so you can’t out-level it. That’s a good touch.

There are better missions and worse ones, and I think I’m going to spend April making a list of which is which. Some of them are a little too time-intensive, and some are lightning quick. They also keep things interesting by slapping a random special condition on each run. So a mission on the first run might have monsters that ambush you, while the same mission done a second time might throw traps everywhere.

I think I might just park my Minstrel in the missions room and run them for a long while in an effort to level up so that I can just do the epic books without all of the side stuff. As I said, options.

I did go on an excursion to Wildwood, which was… fine? It’s fine. I don’t see anything that thrilling in it, nor that useful to a character that has vastly over-leveled that content, but it’s a decent alternative in the level 45-50 bracket. Bree-land is seriously huge now, and it wasn’t small before.

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