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LOTRO: Evaluating missions part 1

As I said last week, my LOTRO project this month is to go through all of the missions and give my thoughts and experiences along with a rating of how much I enjoyed it. We’ll kick off with the War of the Three Peaks missions:

Abandoned Supplies

I thought this one would be a breeze — just run through a small abandoned fort (with nice scenery!) and click on 12 supply crates. But the weak-looking rats and bats ended up being incredibly tough and hard to handle as packs. I actually went down twice in this mission before playing it more cautiously. I wasn’t that thrilled with it. (Rating 2/5)

Jaws of the Dead

Now this is the kind of mission I like: quick, uncomplicated, and straight-forward. I just had to run through a rather small cave and dismantle 10 grisly trophies. The only even slightly challenging aspect is that some of the wargs were stealthed, but honestly, there were very few wargs altogether, so I’m not complaining. (Rating 5/5)

A New Clutch

No sweat: Just stroll into a dragon nursery and kill all their young. Why not? Doesn’t sound suicidal to me. This mission had a lot going for it: A very small playscape, mobs that weren’t too difficult, and sunny atmosphere. (Rating 5/5)

A Taste for Battle

I don’t know how heroic I’m supposed to feel when my whole job here is to ruin Orc’s lunches and then beat up on the lunch lady (pictured above), but that’s pretty much what this mission is. It’s a little on the longer side — not totally a slog, but heading in that direction. It’s fine, just not that fun or interesting. (Rating 3/5)

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