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Plans for Burning Crusade Classic’s prepatch

I really don’t have super-exciting adventures to share with you from WoW Classic these days. For the better part of a week, I’ve parked my Gnomey butt off the shores of the Hinterlands, hunting and skinning turtles as I ground my way to 49… 50… 51. Just nine more levels to go, and at this point I’m most likely to just grind my way there.

It’s working for me, to make Ironforge my base to store up rested XP, sell my goods, and repair before flying to wherever I’m grinding that week. Then I get into a mode and knock out a few more bars while I listen to an audio book or watch a movie on my phone.

I think all of us in WoW Classic have the pre-patch forefront in our minds these days. As I’ve heard it said, the TBC pre-patch is going to be a mini-expansion in its own right, at least if you look at the features it’s bringing: Two more races, four more zones, a talent tree revamp, and a leveling revamp.

My plans for the pre-patch are, I’m sure, a lot like many others’. As soon as it hits, I’m rolling up my Draenei Shaman and starting a new climb to 60 (or, at least, 58). I’ll look forward to the better starter zones and the faster overall leveling, not to mention the earlier mount acquisition. But all I can do for her right now is gather together some bags and get a whole lot of gold ready.

I have been thinking about her professions, too. I think I might actually try my hand at leatherworking, which will help gear up my Shaman. And skinning, of course, to make a self-sufficient package.

At the pace the beta’s currently going, I think an early-to-mid May pre-patch is likely. The question is past that, how long will it go on for? Everyone assumes one month minimum, but two months isn’t out of the question. I wouldn’t mind two, to be honest, because it’s going to be at least that long in getting my Shaman to Burning Crusade levels. But if it’s just a month, well, then the crowd will have moved on by the time I get there. That works too.

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