Maniac Mansion: Brought to you by Pepsi-Cola

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1987’s Maniac Mansion. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Time looks like it’s running out for… Sally? Sandy? Susie? She hasn’t been on the screen very much, so you’ll forgive me for forgetting she exists and is the whole catalyst of this mansion-crawling adventure. The purple tentacle is making moves on her and the evil scientist is getting ready to do something to her, so I’m feeling pressured to win quickly.

The kids drain out the swimming pool to get at a key, which is not a good thing, as the pool was being used to cool nuclear reactor rods. Oh well, I’m sure this won’t have any conseq–



In the next life, Bernard makes a break for it and uses the radio in Dr. Fred’s room to call the “Meteor Police.” Still have no idea what this whole story is about, but I guess there are good meteors and bad ones? In any case, the police say they’ll be on their way in five minutes. Awesome.

To help the police out, Razor takes the radioactive key from the bottom of the pool and opens up the “Seckrit Lab” that’s weirdly located in the dungeon.

The Meteor Police show up — huzzah — but instead of  taking care of the purple tentacle or Dr. Fred, he rushes into a back room to grab the previously unseen evil purple meteor and teleport away with it. But the game isn’t won yet!

Razor rushes into the secret lab, where a Pepsi product placement is hanging out, as is… Sully? Sophie? Spiffy? In any case, Dr. Fred tries to blow up the place, but Razor shuts down some machine that was mind-controlling him, making him good again.

And that’s it — the game is won, at least with this character combination. I have to say that while I do appreciate that Maniac Mansion offers different paths to victory and different playable characters, I wouldn’t ever want to play it again. It’s just not that good of a LucasArts game, classic status or no.

I mean, it does have an interesting mansion with all sorts of weirdly funny rooms, but there’s no narrative or even much in the way of character personalities. I still have no idea what the whole plot was about, just a general outline, but I think I’m not missing much.

So that’s Maniac Mansion in three quick sessions!

One thought on “Maniac Mansion: Brought to you by Pepsi-Cola

  1. I remember it being funnier as a kid…

    If you want a real classic, go for Leisure Suit Larry, that game was so wacky! Especially with the copy protection wheel 🙂

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